No Expectations – The key to success and happiness

“What is the ultimate pursuit of life? Isn’t is happiness? So if you find happiness, isn’t it correct to assume that you have found all the success that you need?”

If the above thought rings true to you then, your expectations are the key to attaining your goals. When you remove expectations from any actions of yours, things get easier. You just do what you have to do and don’t worry about whether the result will turn out the way you want.

Most of the time, disappointment in our lives results from not getting desired and expected outcome from our efforts, work, people, relationships etc. And most of the time whenever we perform any action, we are consciously or sub-consiously seeking something in return. And that’s where the problem begins.

no expectations

The more you focus on the results, the more see saw of emotions you will go through. When things are go in your favour, you will be ecstatic. Similarly, when the results are not what you expect, you will be that much un-happy. This applies to relationships as well as work.

When you are working towards achieving something, figure out what you need to do and go ahead and do it with conviction, but without expectation. When things are difficult you will sail through those times easier. Sometimes when plans fail, you will still be up and running and trying to make the next thing work. And then things do work out, you will learn to take in stride.

This does take some practise. To remove yourself from the expectation of results of your work. But with practise you will find that it is not that difficult to practise. In fact you will quickly realise that it brings you peace of mind and makes you so much more relaxed. You will want to take that approach with the things you do once you see how much happier you are with yourself.

The key to happiness in large part is not having expectation of results from our actions. Rather concentrate on the effort alone. This will help you in doing what you want. You will happily focus on what you need to do without worrying about the outcome. You will be able to work better without the stress. And you will see better results. 

Having less exception from your actions could well be a large step towards happiness and success in your life. 


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