Selling On Etsy – How To Set JUST The Right Price

Pricing is a difficult to handle if you’re selling something popular without any difference from the same products from other sellers. You will be forced to charge what other sellers are charging. And many time that doesn’t work either because someone is willing to sell it for even less. Once again, go through the branding step that we have mentioned. Branding is a great way to be a leader when competing. Get a few things right and you will look much better than your competition, allowing you to charge higher rates. Competing on a unified marketplace like eBay and Etsy […]

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The RIGHT Way To List Items On Etsy

Experienced Etsy sellers will tell you that strategies help when listing your items for sale. Keep listing new items on a regular basis and similarly if you have a new batch of items to put up, do not list them all at once but gradually over a few days. The principle behind both these practices is the same. Etsy search engine seems to give some reference to newly listed items. So if you upload new craft in small numbers every day you will have a better chance of appearing higher up in the search results. By updating your shop with […]

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9 Ways To Create A Great Brand Image On Etsy

sell niche crafts

This step involves doing a lot of stuff outside the website of Etsy. It begins even before you list your craft on Etsy. Building a brand starts with small things like choosing a business name, name for your Etsy shop, a logo and a shop banner. Make no mistake, branding is important. More important than any other activity you can perform for your business. You should never ever ignore it if you truly want to make sizeable profits from your art. Branding will just increase your income manifold even when the amount of work you sell remains the same. Do […]

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Selling On Etsy? You Need A Personal Profile and Story!

A famous and well-known marketing guru said never sell the product, sell the concept. You and your story as an artist is a large part of selling of selling a concept. Just like you added descriptions for your craft, work on a description of yourself. This will go into the about/profile section of your Etsy shop. Almost all buyers who come across a piece of art or craft read the profile of the crafter who has made it. This is one of the things that makes Etsy a novel marketplace. People enjoy a more personal buying experience. By giving them […]

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How To Create A Better Shop On Etsy

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It is easy to start a shop on Etsy. You can do it in minutes. But as long as you do not do everything to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you are not maximising your selling potential. One of the things you can do to stand from other Etsy shops is to make your shop unique and great. These are the things you can do to have a great shop on Etsy. Design a Top Banner There is a top banner that you can put on your Etsy storefront. This banner can contain your business logo as well as […]

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How To Find A Niche On Etsy

find a niche craft to sell on etsy

Start a craft business on Etsy in as specific a niche as possible. The advantage of working in a niche are obvious. You stand out from the rest as one-of-a-kind. There are thousands of iPad covers available online. But only yours are the hand embroidered ones. Since there is no other product to compare it to you have a greater freedom in setting a selling price on it. You do not have to compare or be restricted by another product because your craft is different from any other craft. Which means you can sell it for a higher profit margin. […]

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How To Be Unique On Etsy

Despite all the crafters who have found great success selling from their Etsy shops, at the end of the day Etsy is a crowded marketplace. Yes, they do have rules about who can sell and what, but, there are still thousands of artists, which means that you and your Etsy store can easily get lost in this multitude. The great news is that this does have to happen to you. There are many things you can do, and simply enough, to ensure maximum exposure and great sales from your Etsy store. The first thing we are going to discuss is […]

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Selling Art And Crafts On Etsy – How To Do It

It is not possible to talk about selling crafts online without speaking of selling on Etsy is a very large online marketplace for artists and crafters, perhaps the largest of its kind. Etsy has seen phenomenal success as a platform for all kinds artists and crafts person who have been able to sell their work to a global audience with a great deal of success. From the time that Etsy launched it has shown a dramatic growth. Buyers love it because of several reasons. There is a large variety of art and craft available from artists from all over […]

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