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Get Your Favourite Crafting Magazines At A Fraction Of The Cost

Art and craft magazines are special. They are a great source of inspiration and new ideas, both of which you need in bundles. Magazines have a unique advantage of books. They promise to deliver fresh and unique content on a regular basis. They are more colourful, have lots of great photographs and are interactive in […]

Why Product Assembly Jobs No Longer Exist

We wanted to send you an update of what we keep speaking about all the time on the blog. We have been getting several emails from our subscribers and followers about the assembly companies that they have been looking in to. Without mentioning specific names they have reported that many of the addresses and phone […]


Response To Emails

We have received some emails recently from people who have sent letters and even signup fee to some of the assembly companies. Some of them have not received a response from the assembly companies even though they have worked for them in the past some years back. This post is a response to these emails. […]

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