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Hello, Jessica. Please check your Junk mail folders. Sometimes the emails end up there. If you do find it there, be sure to add our email address to the whitelist so that you get future mails. Do let us know if you still cannot find an email from us. Thank you for your interest in joining our list. We look forward to having you.

Hello. Thank you for signing up. Please check your junk mail folders from an email from us. If you still cannot find it, try signing up again, using your primary id.
Do let us know if you face any issue and we will be happy to add you manually.
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I found your website from taking a Arts and Crafts related class and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Hi I am a VETERAN with a mass up hand and cant drive, If anyone know of any work from home Job pls let me know. Ican sew, do wood working. will try anything. pls let me know. Thank You Tina

Hello George.
Avoid the assembly job offers you see online. They are not a sustainable way to make extra money. Most of them have shut shop anyway. The ones that are functioning are also suspect.
The best thing to do if you are interested in earning with art and craft is to go through our free “Start A Craft Business Guide”..
You will discover many interesting ways and venues to transform your crafting skills into an income.

Hello, thank you for writing in.
Unfortunately, most of the assembly opportunities do not exist anymore.
It is even doubtful how much money anyone made from these opportunities over the long run.
We have contacted a couple of names seeking more information.
I will post an update to your comment shortly as soon as I find out more.

I have a passion for wood work and would love to start a home based business to help pay the bills during these tough times.

If you have anything available in assembling the bubble gum machine plastic capsules I am very interested in doing that or stuffing envelopes, thank you.

Hello Larry, thank you for writing in. Please go through our woodworking business page for more information. We hope you find it useful.
We wish you and your wife all the best. Do not hesitate to write in if you have any more questions.

Hi I’m interested in yr Jobs for craft assembly work to earn money please let me now how I can apply thanks hannah

my husband and I do sewing at home for 2 other company’s. we have all industrial machines such as: coverstitch machines, overlock machines, coverstitch binder, lewis blindstitch machine, button hole, mock safety machine and 2 single needles. I would like to hear from you as soon as possible. home phone # 717-738-0548 or cell#717-917-5051. Thank you your consideration. Barbara Repass

I am looking for a job for some extra cash but need to be home based packing cards envelopes makeing things anything really please let me know if anything comes up thank you

Would love to b apart of this company! I’m a stay at home mom and one on the way so its very important that I get a job to do other than the “mom” job here at home. Thanks for you’re time I would love to be apart of this!

I’m really seeking an assembly full time job! I work REALLY FAST By the way. I love assembly because I think It’s fun to assemble things, and believe me, I WORK RATHER FAST!

I have been a seamstress for few years. I have a shop on and I like to sew for neighbors and friends. However, I have moved to another and I would like to start up, again. My desire is to be well known in my town as the person to contact if they a sewing need or repair.

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