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This website is about home based assembly jobs where a crafter can work from home by assembling products and simple crafts. You can see all the assembly jobs posted here, there are more a 100 listed here and more than 300  when you download the free ebooks. This blog is meant to be an open forum where you can even exchange information about these so called work at home opportunities and provide your valuable feedback if you have even assembled products for any business in the past. If you are currently assembling product for someone, all the more better. We love fresh input.

You can even download the free ebooks to access 300+ work at home assembly jobs. Just head out to the download page.

Since a close option for people wanting to assemble products at home is setting up your own craft business, we have a section dedicated to this as well, along with some interesting craft projects that you can use to make crafts that are likely to sell well. In fact, going in to business for yourself is a recommended option for those of you who are talented artisans and want to make a substantial and long term income from your crafting activity.

Home Product Assembly Jobs

Finding a job that allows you to assembly products and work from home is a time-consuming process. Not only do you have to find the right product to assemble at home but also the right product assembling company to work with.  Both these factors are equally important.

Choosing the Right Product to Assemble

Finding the right product to assemble ensures that you find a job that you are comfortable with.  While choosing a product you should keep two things in mind:

Number one, the product in question should match your assembling skills. This important so that you do not face as little problems as possible when you make it.  You are also less likely to make mistakes if your skill is equal and to the project in hand. Do not presume that you can assemble a product just because it sounds simple. You may be working from home but bear in mind that you will be working in a professional capacity. The finished product needs to be perfect and without flaws so that the craft business you are working for can accept it for further selling.

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Number two, the second thing to keep in mind is your own preference. Product assembly proves to be the most successful when you assemble a product that you like. Since you are going to be taking bulk orders for a particular product, actually enjoying making it avoids the job from getting monotonous fast. In fact, it can be clearly states that this kind of work should only be taken on by craft hobbyists who are more interested in recreation rather than earning a steady and substantial income from this kind of home based work.

Choosing the Right Assembly Company

Choosing the right product assembly company is a crucial factor in succeeding with product assembly at home.  You need to ensure that the assembly company has a good track record of paying its workers and has an established name.  You will find detailed information on over 300 assembly jobs on this website. The following sections lead the way in helping you decide the right company to work for if you want to assemble products at home.

  • 300 Products to Assemble

This section has a listing of over 300 companies that hire people interested in assembly at home jobs.

Divided into three categories of sewing, woodworking and non-sewing products that only require cutting and gluing, you can see all these assembly jobs along with the company addresses, websites and phone numbers.  You can contact any company that you are interested in assembling products for. Most of them, however, only list a post box address and you are supposed to write to them to get more information. Stick to the reliable names and the ones that you can verify the details for.

  • Better Business Bureau Reports

The better business bureau is a non-profit organization that lists business and websites along with an appraisal of the integrity of the business which is referred to as the better business bureau report.  In this section you will find the better business bureau reports on all companies that hire people to assemble products at home.  They have been compiled in one place along with the links to the reports on the website of the better business bureau.  You will see which product assembly companies are in good standing with the better business bureau.  You will be able to read about the track record, past complaints, if any, against the company, business details in the record, details of the business and ownership along with other crucial factors that will help you make a voice the decision in choosing the right assembly company to yourself.


Starting a Craft Business from Home

This is the second option available to you if you want to work at home with craft assembly. There is nothing to match having a business for your own, with greater freedom and flexibility involved if it is a home business. You can be done with all the uncertainty that comes along with working with a product assembly job. You do not have to worry about whether it is a genuine company or not, whether your work will meet the inspection guidelines and whether or not you will get paid.

If making craft is your passion, then consider starting a home business making crafts of your own.  It's profitable and the desirable option for the talented crafter.

Business Startup

The start-up of any home business needs  enterprise and resources. While it may seem like a tall and foreboding proposition in the beginning, the returns will be equally fruitful once you have managed to establish it. Not only does the home business in craft have a large potential for growth, it has all the ingredients for a heady dish that will feed your creative hunger.

Business Plans

This section tries to give you all the resources to getting you to start your home craft business.  You will learn the importance of making a business plan, including company, marketing and advertising plans.  You also get to learn how to make these business plans.

Marketing and Selling

You will have access to free and detailed guides that will coach to start up your own craft business smoothly. Essential marketing and targeting techniques will help you plan in advance so that your home business keeps growing to the point of accomplishing all your goals and dreams.

Working from Home

We realize that there are other people who may come across this website who are not looking to work with a craft and product assembly business. But since they share the common goal of being able to work from home, we have arranged a section that looks at some common work at home program's.

Learn how to avoid pitfalls that could cause you to lose money in your quest for finding work from home. Come face-to-face with some common work at home schemes that are run on the Internet and that should be avoided.  Learn how to spot the false work at home opportunities.  Most importantly learn how you should go about finding the right work at yourself.

This website is mainly geared towards the crafting individual that wants to earn by working from home by making products and crafts but there is also valuable information available for all interested work at home individuals we hope to continue to add valuable information for all work at home individuals.

Your Contribution

There is nothing more we desire than to have a contribution from our readers. We want to hear from you whether its your personal knowledge about working from home or merely a query. Your contributions to this blog are priceless as it helps the online work at home community as a whole. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and learning from your experiences.


Help us stay updated. Share your progress you make with us or on our Facebook page. Many of our subscribers keep telling us how they are progressing with joining one product assembly job or the other, how they are faring with making the craft and if they get paid. It helps keep the information fresh and real. More people exchanging information, the better.


If you want any questions answered about any product assembly job, this is the forum for it. Go ahead and shoot your queries at us as a comment on an appropriate post. We do not reply to emails with questions and encourage you to post on the blog since this is meant to be a community blog. Everyone can benefit from such questions and answers.


Have experience with working at home assembling products and craft? Excellent. Your feedback is perhaps the most valuable of all. Been there, done that. Who better than you to tell us which assembly jobs are hot and which ones are a waste of time.

How To Use This Website ( Important Instructions )

Read these instructions carefully. There are more than 300 assembly jobs and companies listed here. This does not mean that they are all genuine. The area of product assemble jobs has become a murky area on the Internet with a lot of scams lurking around the corner. We ask you to follow safe work policies as you would with any other home based opportunity. Adhere to these guidelines:

  • All the companies are listed here in their respective sections of Sewing Crafts, Woodworking Crafts and Basic Assembling Crafts. View the contact details of the crafting company by clicking on ‘ View Address'. Contact the companies you are interested in via the preferred method of contact specified by the company.
  • Do not send money to any Crafting /  Assemble company without finding out all details about them. Do not trust P.O. Box addresses. You do not know where your money is going and who is reading them.
  • Do not deal with any Crafting /  Assemble company that does not list a physical address and a phone number. Make sure you are able to speak with someone and get all the details regarding the work, company and refund policy.
  • Establish the standing of the company by checking it with the Better Business Bureau ( ).
  • Do a search on the internet with the name of the company. If the company is legit, you will find people working for it. Do not start to work with any “Assemble Product” company till you have found at least 6 other people that are working for the same concern. If the work is legitimate, you will not have much trouble finding these people. Genuine work at home opportunities are rare so the real ones obviously have a lot of people working for them.
  • At no point expect this to be a substitute for a full time, regular and substantial income.

A word to the wise. Read this website carefully and extensively including our blog and articles. There is an entire section of Work at Home Assembly Jobs Know-How, that answers all questions about how these jobs work and what to expect. They will not only provide you with guidance to keep you far away from scams but also give you the very latest updates on which companies and businesses are hiring. Good luck to you all.

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