How Set The Best Fixed Selling Price For Crafts

How to maximise the fixed selling price for your crafts

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You should sell your crafts on other platforms apart from eBay auctions as well. Not everyone likes to bid for objects they want to buy and not everyone likes to buy on eBay.

You know how much the craft has cost to make and how much you want to be paid for your labour in making it. But there are so many other factors that you can average. You also want to be rewarded for your creativity, ideas, novel design, quality craftsmanship etc.

Sadly, many crafters tend to undervalue these qualities of the craft and under-price it.

Buyers will often insist on being as less as they possibly can. It is your job to ensure that you get the best possible returns on your piece of art.

Here are a few effective suggestions to get the very best price for your crafts.

Give customers more information. Try to make the customer better informed about what your craft and business is all about. If you are using superior materials, employ a high level of craftsmanship and design elements, telling the customer what they are paying for can help convince them that the high price is worth it. This works with both selling off-line and on-line.

Create scarcity. Sometimes straightforward approaches like educating the customers will not work. In fact they do not work on a lot of occasions. That is where you need to take resort to psychological factors. Make your craft in limited numbers at a time. Knowing that there are only a few items available for sale makes the customer decide faster and pay a higher price.

Fixed selling price

Involve your customers. The idea here is to win the trust and loyalty of the by. By interacting with them on social media, asking them what features they are looking for, you lower their resistance. If you can make the customer happy in other ways, they are more likely to be happy about the price of your craft as well.

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