Get Your Favourite Crafting Magazines At A Fraction Of The Cost

Art and craft magazines are special. They are a great source of inspiration and new ideas, both of which you need in bundles. Magazines have a unique advantage of books. They promise to deliver fresh and unique content on a regular basis. They are more colourful, have lots of great photographs and are interactive in so many different ways.

As is often the case, you can subscribe to an entire year of your favourite craft magazine for the price of purchasing a single book. Books are great for certain topics and when you are trying to learn something specific.

Magazines bring a constant influx of new content on the subject matter that you are interested in. There is also a wide variety of content.

Let's assume you subscribe to a magazine on woodworking. Every 15 days or on a monthly basis each new copy of the magazine brings you new content on various topics like:

  • New projects, new woodworking plans, new techniques, latest tools, tips to improve your skill, direct input from seasoned and professional woodworkers, professional advice, guides and lessons etc.

All this is great content is wonderful for staying inspired. And staying inspired is the key to staying happy and energetic with any business.

Craft magazines are a fun way to stay updated with the latest in your field of craft.

They are an enjoyable way to soak up new ideas and knowledge. We highly recommend all our blog readers and the avid crafters to subscribe greatly to at least one craft magazine of their choice. The beautiful pictures, well-written articles, new tool reviews and even the advertisements for the latest products and services, we love it all.

Everyone knows that magazine pages make great additions to the inspiration and idea soft board, if you have one.

Most of the popular magazines today are also available in the digital format. They can be accessed on all your devices like forms, tablets, computers and e-book readers like Kindle and Nook.

The one single thing that discourages many people is the pricing. Some magazine subscriptions can get expensive, especially the magazines on specialised topics like woodworking, sewing, knitting, art etc.

Which is why we have signed up with Magazine Agents, one of the largest online magazine retailers to offer an irresistible pricing offer. Use the above link to get up to 90% of on your favourite magazines. Happy reading and spectacular inspiration to you all.

Here are the names of some popular art and craft magazines.

Popular sewing magazines

  1. Crochet World. 
  2. Just Cross Stitch. 
  3. Threads. 
  4. Sew News. 
  5. Stitch. 
  6. Creative Machine Embroidery.

Popular Woodworking Magazines

  1. Family Handyman. 
  2. Popular Woodworking. 
  3. Wood. 
  4. Fine Woodworking. 
  5. Woodworkers Journal. 
  6. Woodcraft.

Popular Craft Magazines

  1. The Artists Magazine. 
  2. Martha Stewart Living. 
  3. American Craft. 
  4. Beadwork.

Popular Knitting and Quilting Magazines

  1. American Patchwork and Quilting
  2. Quilting Arts Magazine. 
  3. Interactive Knits. 
  4. Quick Quilts. 
  5. Quilters Newsletter. 
  6. McCall's Quilting. 
  7. Quilt Maker.

Discover all of them for half price and less at Magazine Agent. It is actually impossible to list all the great magazines that you will find in their online catalogue. Just go and browse and subscribe to at least one of them to start with.

One of the use full features of their website is that they allow the readers to post reviews and rate each magazine. The number of stars that a magazine receives as well as the written reviews helps you to make the right choice if you have never read that particular magazine before.

If you are already in the habit of subscribing to your favourite magazines, you can now save a lot of money and subscribe to a lot more.

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