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We were recently contacted by a company called Titan Chains. They offer home based assembly jobs to crafters. The craft that requires assembling is a jewellery item called the Interchangeable Wrist Wrap. This is a bracelet that is made from steel wire.

Is Titan Chains legit?

As always the first thing to consider is whether or not this assembly job is legitimate.

We suggest you go over to their website and have a look around. Click here to visit Titan Chains. [Link removed. As of now this website and business seems to have shut down as well.]

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Reviews and Feedback for Titan Chains (WAHM.com)

We were able to find some extra information about Titan Chains. There is an interesting thread on WAHM.com. You can follow it here. It is a pretty long thread with lots of people asking for more information and a lot of them sharing their experience of assembling the bracelets for Titan Chains.

There is no real suggestion of a scam anywhere on the thread. However, the only address they give out is a post box address.

A phone number for Titan Chains is listed on the Better Business Bureau website. As is the name of the owner. However, they are not contactable by phone.

If you call, you get the answering machine. That said, the feedback from people suggests that if you get in touch with them over email, which is the listed form of communication on their website, they always respond back.

We wrote to them as well and got a reply too. So no problem there.

Titan Chains on Better Business Bureau

You can read the review for Titan Chains on the Better Business Bureau by doing a search or clicking this link. If you want to go by the ratings that the BBB gives this company, things are not very encouraging. Like mostly any other craft and product assembly company, Titan Chains also does not fare better than an ‘F’, which is the lowest rating that the Better Business Bureau gives to a business.

However, if you visit the BBB review page, you will see the reasons why this is so. A low rating from the Better Business Bureau does not always suggest a scam but is definitely something to consider. The ratings given by the BBB depend on a lot of factors such as length of time the business has been operational as well as the genre in which the business operates. BBB does not trust work at home offers and rightly so. We are always sceptical as well.

So do your homework. We have already listed a one thread on WAHM.com that has a discussion about this company. Find others. Try to get referrals. And do your utmost to get clear and concise information from Titan Chains to answer all your queries and doubts.

What kind of work does Titan Chains offer

Now as to the nature of the work and the skills required to do this job. As far as the difficulty level is concerned, the feedback is a bit of a mixed bag. However, as with any craft assembly job, you should never get in to believing that the craft is as easy to make as the company might suggest. A lot of people find assembly jewellery tedious. And for a good reason that it almost always is.

Do not forget that the principle behind product assembly is that the final product is going to be sold to consumers at a higher price. So if a company is paying you $15 for assembling one bracelet, which is what Titan Chains is offering to pay, you can expect the making of the jewellery item to have some aesthetic complications of design as well.

However, many crafters claim that with proper instructions and tips a person can make the bracelets for Titan Chains. Depending on how much effort it takes you, you will have to decide whether it is worth your time.

There are, however, 3 ways that you can earn from home with Titan Chains assembly jobs offer. The first one is the ‘buy-back’ program, which we have already discussed. The remaining two are mentioned below.

Earn with Titan Chains as an affiliate

The second way to earn is actually to become and affiliate and earn by referring other people to start working for them. You will receive 5% of the earnings of all the people you refer to Titan Chains. So this can be an additional source of income if you can promote this opportunity to other people. Most people will find this limiting.

If you are not an internet marketer you can only promote this to a certain group of people you know. But remember as long as people you refer continue to work and earn with Titan Chains, you will continue to get your 5% share of their income as well.

Become an independent jewellery reseller with Titan Chains

The 3rd way you can earn is by actually selling the Titan Chains jewellery yourself. Titan Chains only buys back one particular jewellery item from the crafters and as of the time of writing this post, it is the Interchangeable Wrist Wrap.

However, Titan Chains has several jewellery making kits for different kinds of jewellery items. They also sell various jewellery components like beads, wires etc.

So if you somehow have access to a market where you can sell your own jewellery products, Titan Chains can provide you with the kits to assemble different jewellery items.

One benefit of ordering your jewellery kits from Titan Chains is that they come complete with instructions as well. However, if you are mainly interested in making jewellery and selling on your own, then might want to look in to other online jewellery making kits and courses online as well.

We recommend that you do a search engine query for jewellery making kits and see what comes up.

Thats is it for Titan Chains in this post. This is not really a review for Titan Chains. We want to hear your opinions. People who are working for Titan Chains or have worked for them in the past are encouraged to write in their reviews.

We would also like to hear from you if you are going to give this a try. Do let us know what progress you make.

Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best.

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  1. Richard Bailey

    I think assembling jewelry is a wonderful way to earn money. Please forward information on how I can start.

  2. Rita

    I’m interested In the arts and crafts home job, I can make jewelry.. I pretty good with arts and crafts..

  3. Neal

    I’m having the same problem. My server wont pull up the work at home site. I’m very interested in getting started.

  4. Rebecca

    I was interested in making the interchangeable wrist wraps but can only seem to access the ad but not able to apply for the position. I know that the starter kid is $65.00 but need to know who I can contact to get started.

    Thank you in advance for your help

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