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Read on if you want to learn more about paid surveys, how they work, the things you should do if you want to make money with them.

I feel confident in talking to you about this because I have delved in it for more than 10 years now.

First-things first, is it going to make you super rich? No. Is it going to make you ENOUGH extra money that you can be happy about? Yes.

Is it easy? Yes. Can anyone do it? Definitely yes! In this post we will take you through topics like – 

– How paid surveys work? – Why your opinion is needed? – How much money will you make & how will you get paid. – The few simple tips & tricks to really explode your survey earnings. – And finally, we will reveal the source of the highest paying surveys from the best businesses & companies.

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First, let’s talk about why your opinion is needed & why companies are ready to pay you for it.

It’s quiet simple really. The major business & corporations are always competing with each other. New businesses are always starting & threatening to take over the market share.

The result is that the companies constantly need to improve their products & services & keep their customers happy.

And that’s where, YOU, the consumer comes in.

The companies desperately want to know what you like & want, so they can make more of that, & make more money for themselves in the process.

Think about it for a minute. Without knowing what people want, the businesses are totally at sea. These businesses & corporations, (famous and well known companies you hear about everyday), hire data collection businesses, which are also known as research panels in ‘paid surveys lingo’.

Whenever a company wants feedback from the consumers, these research panels send out a survey to the people they have in their data bank.

This is why you are required to sign up with the research panels with your email address so that you may get the offer for surveys when they come around.

Each research panel has multiple companies as their clients. So therefore they have multiple offers to send out.

This is why its important to join the right survey panels, the ones that have many large corporations as clients and the high paying surveys / focus groups.

The Signing Up Process

Many people try paid surveys, but do not understand the way the whole process works. That leads to poor results & frustration.

The first part is signing up with the good research panels, the ones that pay. You are usually required to provide your name, email & certain demographic information like age, gender & income group.

At this point you are advised to sign up with lots of survey panels. We will be providing you will a stellar list later on. Wait for it.

You will have to fill out pretty much the same information with every sign up. So use the auto-form fill feature of browsers like Chrome & Firefox, or use a free tool like RoboForm.

Another important thing, create & use a separate email address for the purpose of signing up. Otherwise your regular inbox just might get flooded with survey offers & you do not want that to happen.

Registering with multiple panels is going to be time consuming. Do not try to do all of them in a day.

Take your time. Pace yourself. 

The next possible step might be what’s called ‘completing your profile’. You log into the survey panels you signed up & put in more details in your profile. This will get you more offers.

This step is not so necessary anymore because most survey panels send you a pre-qualifier, ask you a couple of questions, to know if you are right for a particular survey.

Let’s now get to what happens after you have signed up, and tell you some great tips on how to explode your paid survey income.

What Happens Next?

So now we are all signed up & ready to start getting survey offers in our email. You will start getting emails with a link, which if you click will take you to the surveys page.

Sometimes this happens fast. And sometimes it takes a little time. But the offers will come.

Here are a few important things to know that many people end up ignoring.

  1. The more panels you sign up with, the more survey offers you are likely to receive.
  2. The more information you fill in the profile section of each panel, the better offers you get.
  3. And very importantly, it takes time & patience to sign up & build up presence with multiple survey panels, so that you start getting offers repeatedly.
  4. Once you are done, all you have to do is look forward to offers in your email.

Once you start getting survey offers in your email, you should know that many of them will be screeners. Screeners are where you will typically be asked to answer 1-5 questions. If your answers match the survey requirement you will be allowed to take the rest of the survey otherwise you will be screened out with a ‘thank you’ message that says something like, “Thank you for your interest but you do not match our requirements at this time”.

It is frustrating to be screened out, but its part of the game. If the screening is lengthy, you will still get paid a part of what the whole survey is worth.

You can now do these surveys on the go!

When you join, you will get access to  amazing apps for your phones & tablets that let you take paid surveys in your spare time & make some extra cash ON THE GO.

How And How Much Will You Make

This is the all-crucial part right? How much money are you going to make. Surveys can pay anywhere from $5 – $15 typically. Time duration can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Focus groups pay even more up to $150/hour.

Different survey panels pay differently. My favorite ones are the ones that pay in real cash or even PayPal cash.

Some pay you within 48 hours of completing the survey while others often 30 days, & maybe only after reaching a minimum threshold of earning like $10. PayPal seems to be the commonest method of getting paid.

If you haven’t heard of PayPal, go to & open an account. It’s free & as simple as opening an email account. It is just as easy to receive money through PayPal & withdraw it to your bank account. Payment transfers are almost instantaneous. Some survey companies will still send you checks.

The 2nd kind of payment you receive is in points. These panels allow you to accumulate points instead of money that can be redeemed later for other things. We are not fond of points surveys panel systems. But sometimes they are worth it.

Some point systems panels are great because:

  1. They are generous with their points.
  2. The points can be redeemed for something that you actually use like Amazon gift cards.
  3. The points are as good as cash when they can be redeemed for PayPal cash.
  4. The conversion of points to cash value is actually pretty high, and get you more in the end.
  5. The accumulated points do not have an expiring date.

We will show you some great survey panels that although operate on the points system, are still worth the while.

The 3rd kind of survey payment is when they offer to enter you into sweepstakes for large amounts. These are a complete waste of time & we avoid them completely.

We hope this gives you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of what you are going to get paid.

Getting products & services for trial is also common enough.

Getting Real Close… We are now really close to start making some extra cash with paid surveys. We would like to give you some final information. We will keep it short & concise.

  1. Taking surveys is not going to make you rich. But it’s the easiest way to earn extra money & some great rewards. Most people make enough to cover a few bills, simply by spending some time online or using phone & tablet apps.
  2. Patience is required. Yes. This is the easiest way to earn something extra. But the initial process of signing up & filling information takes time. Do not get frustrated or burned out while trying to sign up with all the panels all at once. We will tell you which ones to start with.
  3. Use a separate email. This is rather important. There are times when you will be in the mood to take some surveys, and other times where it’s the last thing you want to do. Bottom line is you don’t want survey emails staring you in the face every time you check your personal email.
  4. A Mixed Bag. Paid surveys are a mixed bag. Sometimes you get a survey that’s worth $1 for 5 minutes of your time. Sometimes you will get ones that are worth $5 to $15. It even goes up to $45.
  5. There could be several offers in your email for surveys, but that does not mean you will get to take all of them. As we have mentioned before you will get ‘screened out’ a few of them because you do not match the demographics like age, area, relationship status, etc.
  6. Fill out your profile. Where permitted fill in as many details about yourself in the profile section of the panel. This will send you more targeted offers where you won’t get screened out.
  7. Not all panels are made equal. You can have drastically different experience with different survey panels. Some pay better than others. Some send you more valid surveys where you end up getting paid for the ones you take & not getting screened out.
  8. Use the apps. We will make sure to point you to the best apps for paid surveys so that you can always make extra money on the go no matter where you are, & whenever you have some time.

A Few Panel Names You Can Sign Up With!

You are finally going to learn where to go to start signing up with paid survey panels. You can find several names if you do a search engine search. However that will not necessarily take you to the best ones, or the most important ones.

Here are a few good names you can start with:


If you have understood & developed an active interest in making money with paid surveys online, download the entire package from here. It will take your paid survey earnings to another level.


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