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Change The Way You Think, Turn Your Crafts To Cash

As a crafter, have you ever contemplated making an income from it? It does not matter whether part time or full time as long as you have just considered the option. The thing is that it is more feasible to make money from your crafting hobby than you ever thought possible. Crafting hobby is surpassingly […]

All About Shipping

Shipping policy is important as any other. It builds customer satisfaction and loyalty. People do not like to for shipping and they like hassle free returns. Whether or not you can do this depends on your business. Shipping Costs The shipping cost on a item is viewed as an additional cost by customers. Which is […]

Financial Resources For A Business In Canada

These are some very helpful resources that will help you get finance for your craft business or as a matter of fact any other business in Canada. Financing Your Business You may want to use one or more types of financing in your small business. You may choose short-term debt financing, longterm debt financing or […]

Craft Business Publications In Canada

These are some publications for setting up a craft business in Canada. All publications listed in this document are available, on reference, in the C/BC BSS Business Start-Up Library. How-To Publications Start and Run a Profitable Craft Business This book is for anyone who has ever considered taking up crafts or who is already involved […]


Is It Time To Start Buying Wholesale Crafting Supplies?

Find out if you can and should start buying wholesale supplies for your craft business. What are the biggest pros and cons of taking this step… One of the expenses of running a craft business from home is buying raw materials.  Just like you may look for discounted rates for developing your infrastructure like buying […]


Tips To Price Your Craft Right

The price tag that you choose to put on your product has the ability to woo the customer or to send him away. It is a integral part of your marketing efforts. You can sell anything a chosen price if you market it right and vice versa.  Follow some quick and effective tips for deciding […]


4 Ways To Get A Great Selling Price For Your Art And Crafts

There are 4 main factors that control the prefect pricing of a craft. They are :  Practical Factors  Psychological Factors  Creative and Glam Factors Competitive factors Practical Pricing Factors This is the actual costs and the labor involved in making the product. You have to include all costs in the pricing of your craft, one way […]


5 Tricks To Increase Sales Of Your Crafts

The success of any business depends on the amount of success that you have at selling your product. Selling crafts has a few peculiarities that are specific to the crafting industry only. Follow some simple and effective pointers that are guaranteed to make both short-term and long-term benefits for your craft business.  1) Sell only […]

Insure Your Home Business

Many of us overlook this fact while starting out. You may feel that you are only starting out small time and that you should conserve your capital for setting up your business. You may also feel that you do not need it as the inventory is small and can be left for later when your […]

Important Aspects Of Home Business

If you are not satisfied with the overall success of your home business then its time to go over some important steps that you might have missed. These steps apply to both regular business from home as well as online businesses on the Internet. 1) Are you being able to give the business enough time? 2) […]

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