Woodworking Tools For Beginners

I wrote an article sometime back about the must have tools for a wood-shop. This is a list of about 29 must-have woodworking tools ( at the time of writing this), and includes everything from the basic tools to start with, to the advanced woodworking machines to acquire as one progresses along their woodworking business……

Choosing First Few Hand Tool Wood Projects For Beginners

There are some great reasons to use hand tools in woodworking specially if you are learning. This post is a list of some great woodworking projects that can be made using only hand tools without much hassle and in quick time. These projects are great for hobbyists as a DIY project and also to sell. This is woodworking as it was done during some of its finest years.

What Is Wood Art And Why It Is Good For Business

Choosing the right craft is important for selling success. In this post we explore a popular niche for wood crafts that make for some great sellers. Wood art is something that is creative and joyful as a process and results in high monetary returns because after all you are making ‘art’. Learn how to make simple and beautiful wood art from your workshop and tap into this profitable genre of woodworking.

Best Places To Learn Woodworking – Schools, Online Courses And Free Classes Near You

If you want to learn woodworking with lessons and woodworking classes our first recommendation is “find a mentor”. It is one of the better ways to go about gaining knowledge about woodcraft. Today, there is no shortage of do-it-yourself information on a wide array of subjects, and easy accessibility to learning material, thanks mainly to……

Is It Worthwhile To Get Into Woodworking And Make A Living Off It

Can you make money with an individual woodworking business? This is a question asked by all fresh faces wanting to make an appearance on the woodworking scene. It is a worthy question and one that can only be answered in relation to a few other factors. Read this post to find out what it’s going to take to make a respectable income in the woodworking vocation.

How To Grow And Automate A Woodworking Business – Earn More With Less Effort

Business growth is needed to increase business income. The more you can automate the business the less is the pressure on your personal presence and intervention. This allows you to expand operations as the growth is not dependent on your capabilities alone. Here is a post on how to achieve optimum growth and independence in your woodworking business.

Do You Need Hand Tools In A Modern Woodshop – What The Woodworkers Say

Woodworkers speak on the subject of hand tools and their place today in the workshops. Here is an article looking at the role that some important hand tools still play and how you can include a few essential ones to strike a balance in your woodworking, enhance creativity, getter better results and improve the overall workflow, all by using some woodworking hand tools.

Can A Home Woodworking Business Be A Profitable One?

Is it possible to run a moneymaking small-scale woodworking business in today’s day? Woodworking is not just a craft, it’s a tradition of sorts. The way our ancestors did it was very different from the way things are done now. Handicrafts were the norm then. Today, a handicraft has to face competition from large factories……

Best Ways To Cut Plywood Clean And Straight Every Time

Cuts are important. Every woodworker knows that. And every tip helps no matter how long you have been woodworking. Cutting plywood is different to cutting wood in many ways. You need to plan your cuts differently to get the desired finished results. Often, plywood sheets are large and heavy and pose a problem when making……

3 Best Hand Planes You Should Buy First And How To Use Them

If you didn’t know it, hand planes are an absolute must for woodworking. They are an absolute boon to have regardless of what power tools you use. Hand planes make common jobs easier in a workshop, and save you time and effort. As long as you take the time and practise to learn to them, these are the 3 must have hand planes you need to buy first for your woodworking workshop.