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How To Create ‘Niche’ Best Selling Wood Projects

There is a wonderful way to create popular woodworking projects that you will find easy to sell. You can do this by following a very successful business principle known as “working in a niche”. What is a niche? If you look up the meaning of niche it means “speciality”. The next time you go and […]


How To Sell And Market Your Wood Craft Projects – A Definitive Guide

The question of how to sell your woodworking projects begs asking a few more questions… What level of woodworking are you engaged in? Are you making small projects for larger pieces of furniture? Are you looking to sell the crafts you make yourself or are you also looking for custom woodworking jobs? How comfortable are […]


What Is Pre-Finishing And How To Do It With Your Wood Projects

Why Pre-finish? Finishing a wood project can be the least attractive part of woodworking. I know many workers who dread and dislike this part of wood working the most. And yet, no one can really dispute the importance of this step. Whether you like it or not, the first thing that most of us notice […]


Breathing Clean Air While Woodworking – Your 101 Guide

Breathing clean air in a wood-shop is a top priority. If it’s not, you should make it  one. There is two kinds of dust in woodshop. There is sawdust that you can see while doing jobs like using a table saw. But there is also the kind that you cannot see with the naked eye, […]


11 Must Have Finishing Supplies You Need In Your Wood Shop

We all know how essential finishing is to almost all woodworking projects, regardless of whether you are going to apply a coat of polish or not. Even so, many beginners in woodworking take this process lightly, at least the first time, and just as many professionals dislike this stage of a project more than any […]


How To Make A Birdhouse That Birds Will Love To Nest In

Birdhouses are considered simple and loveable wood projects to make. However, there are some special things you need to keep in mind while building birdhouses. While this is true for every woodworking project, Bird houses are different because they are not about you, they are all about the birds. So while usually as a woodworker […]


How To Become A Woodworker

How to become a woodworker? There are no formal qualifications required for you to become a woodworker. I would say that the number one requirement is that you have a love and passion for woodworking. Today woodworkers find employment in many different ways, the largest employers being large commercial manufacturing units. On the other end […]


9 Great To Use Woodworking Joints (Image Instructions)

This post talks about some of the very popular woodworking joints that you are apt to use in your projects. But everyone knows that gluing is just as important part of joinery. So before we begin with the joints, here is a very useful tip regarding gluing two pieces of wood.  You know how the […]


12 Best Selling Wood Toys

This is a heady topic to tackle because when it comes to wooden toys, there are just so many great projects to choose from. And new ideas are born every day. Important Things To Keep In Mind   One of the first things that you need to tackle is the legal requirements for making anything […]


What Is CNC Woodworking And How To Make A CNC Router At Home

Should you buy a CNC router? Can you build one at home? What is CNC woodworking? CNC woodworking is an automated form of woodworking, where a machine cuts, shapes and engraves wood without any human interference, after the initial setup. The full form of CNC is “computer numeric control”. Don’t fret over how complicated that […]

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