How To Get Into Pottery | For HoBBy & MoNEy | Craft Business Idea

A Brief Guide To Creating Ceramics – For Work & Play Pottery is one of the most accessible art and craft to learn. It is both a craft, as well as art depending on what you make from it. That is to say, you make ceramics that are inherently functional in nature (crafts) or decorative……

Secrets Of An Arbitrage Craft Business | Buy And Resell Crafts For A Profit (Picture Post)

Playing in the Sand Just like playing in the sand and discovering buried treasures, you can unearth arts and crafts in innocuous places, for wondrous prices. And if you are right, just like unknown treasures in the sand you can sell them for a great profit.(Left: Vintage Dial Phones Replicas, 1841-1895) What Is Arbitrage Arbitrage……

Sell Plants From Home – A Craft Business Idea (Picture Post)

Like To Grow Plants? Whether you grow plants as a hobby or it’s something you do to de-stress, there is one more benefit to your pastime. Plant growing is a fulfilling craft that can make you an income. Even a full-time one. There are many small businesses that are doing just this. And don’t worry……

How To Make And Sell Custom Rubber And Acrylic Stamps Online

Start a craft business of making and selling all kinds of ink stamps. See how to design and carve rubber and clear polymer stamps and sell them online.

Can A Home Woodworking Business Be A Profitable One?

Is it possible to run a moneymaking small-scale woodworking business in today’s day? Woodworking is not just a craft, it’s a tradition of sorts. The way our ancestors did it was very different from the way things are done now. Handicrafts were the norm then. Today, a handicraft has to face competition from large factories……

10 Real Ways To Earn Money From Home – Without Investment Or Paying A Fee

Explore the most practical ways how to earn from home with genuine work opportunities and websites, both online and otherwise. Eliminate the hyperbole and list only the resources that work to make substantial income from home. There is something for everyone so read on.

What Is a CNC Woodworking Router And How To Assemble One At Home

What is a CNC router is, how it works and how you can get one for your wood-shop. CNC woodworking is an enthralling way to do woodwork with equally thrilling results. The only caveat is that you learn how to operate the CNC router. Once you do you amazing designs and possibilities open for you.

How To Make Tool Batteries Last 3x Longer

There are a few simple things you can do to make your batteries in any device last much longer before their capacity and performance decreases to the extent that you have to replace them or even discard the device altogether. Batteries are susceptible to how they are used and charged. Learn these simple tricks to keep your batteries performing at peak capacity for longer.

29 Must Have Tools For Your Woodworking Business

This is a list of 29 most sought after woodworking tools starting from the basic ones, going on to advanced and pro ones. A comprehensive list of tools you can get for your woodworking workshop in a common chronological order of necessity, functionality and importance.

Start An Embroidery Business From Home

Embroidery business is an exciting opportunity to work from home. It has always seemed like an extremely attractive prospect for crafters to build a great income. It’s all of that and much more. Which is why we really can’t explain why it has taken us this long to write about it. Anyway, consider this your……

10 Bestselling Sewing Crafts

These are some great sewing projects that you should always strive to have in your sewing shop. These crafts have a history of being wonderfully popular with people. Some of the crafts we mention are actually categories. That means that you can include more ideas of your own. For example if we tell you that……

How To Create A Woodworking Business Plan – With Sample Plan

Making a business plan is like going through all the stages of a business without actually doing those things. You start from the inception of the business to running it and projecting future growth. You systematically go through the process of running the business and realise what steps you need to take and when. This is why a business plan is important for any business and this post is about making one when starting a woodworking business.

How To Create Your First Webpage On WordPress

WordPress is what you call a content management system. It is very popular blogging platform. According to an article that I was recently reading recently, more than 60% of all the websites on the internet are WordPress-based. A few years ago there used to be two main blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger, by Google. This……

7 Best Places To Create Your First Webpage Online

Website Vs. Webpage – Is there a difference? Websites used to be the classic method. Then blogs made things easier. Now things are even simpler. Social media pages and and posts offers both ease and functionality. So as things stand today, creating a webpage online does not necessarily mean going the traditional route  of hosting……

9 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Its Own Webpage

This post was earlier written as citing the need for a website for any small business. Since then I have changed the topic from requiring a website to requiring a webpage. The reason is that a few years back, a website was the only good option to have an online presence. Today there are multiple……

10 Household Items That I Re-Use For Dozens Of Other Things

This is a list of 10 household items that I reuse for many dozens of other equally practical and needful purposes. It’s a great way to recycle what you already have which feels great. It saves you from buying new stuff and using what you already have. 1. Mason Jars  Mason jars are an absolute……

Choosing First Few Hand Tool Wood Projects For Beginners

There are some great reasons to use hand tools in woodworking specially if you are learning. This post is a list of some great woodworking projects that can be made using only hand tools without much hassle and in quick time. These projects are great for hobbyists as a DIY project and also to sell. This is woodworking as it was done during some of its finest years.

Social Media Guide For Business Part #2 – Using Pinterest

This post is about Pinterest, a social media platform that I, perhaps, use the most for promotions of my work, and the various ways you can use it to work for your business, if it will work for your kinds of business at all.   In part #1 for social media guide for small business……

Social Media Guide For Business Part #1 – Using Facebook

Social media platforms are getting more powerful with passing time for all kinds of small businesses. They are also becoming more small business unfriendly and encouraging paid promotions and presence. In this post you will learn how to leverage Facebook and a Facebook Business page to get more leverage for your small business using both organic and paid growth through Facebook Ads.