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Get a job? Or become an entrepreneur..

There are two kind of people in the income group. Ones that hold a job and others that run a business. Freelancers fall somewhere in between. It would incorrect to say that ones that hold a job are always completely satisfied and don’t wish that they wouldn’t start something on their own, and vice versa […]

Should you be learning something “new”?

Keeping a blog running and ensuring that it stays profitable has taught me one thing. You must keep learning new things.  This is nothing new and you might have heard it from a lot of people. A lot of people in different fields of work will tell you the same thing. They could not hope […]


Why You Need To Start Believing In Yourself

Self limiting beliefs, that’s what I am talking about. A lot gets done if you just get up and do it. A lot can be achieved if you set out believing that you can. I know that you have heard or read words to this effect several times. But have you also contemplated on the […]


Can A Positive Mind Create A Better Life?

Alright. So this is me. All my life I have heard people say you have to be a positive person to have good things happen to you. It never made sense to me. And to be frank I found it impossible to be positive about many things. So what is it.. It is some kind […]


Are There Any Shortcuts To Success?

I come from a position where a lot of people ask me how I make a living working online and from home. A large number of them hold the view that working and making money online is something anyone can do. And when other things else do not work out for them or they want […]

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