About Us

What is this blog about

This blog is an art and craft community that likes to encourage artists and craftspeople to make a great income from their work.

What We Do

We have been writing and publishing articles and guides on subject of earning with crafts since 1995. These articles are geared for the crafting community from all walks of life. The message is that no matter what your experience or situation, if you are enthusiastic about it, you can make money from your passion and talents. You can start part-time or full-time, open a store or work from home.

Our articles talk about how to get started with popular art and craft businesses like sewing, woodworking, painting etc.

We are big propagandist for working from home and therefore most of our articles will have that underlying theme.

A Little History

In the beginning we started with a lot of focus on the so called home based craft assembly jobs. They were a popular enquiry and a lot of people were looking for more information on them. There were many websites that even asked for money to give you that information. We listed all the businesses that offered these home based crafting jobs for free on our blog. They are still listed there.

However, over time, it became clear that these so called home based crafting jobs were not a sustainable way to make an income from home. For most cases they were not even legit. Many people complained and the pattern of failings became swiftly clear. It is moot to debate on the legitimacy of these home based opportunities as almost all of them have shut down today anyway, by the efforts of the US Postal Service and the FTC.

Present Day Agenda

Many things are very different than they were a few years back. Crafters and artists believed that it was difficult to make a good income with their skills. More so if they were amateurs and hobbyists. But things are easier now. For one thing art and crafts have become a very popular commodity online. It is a bustling market place and crafters from all over the world are selling their work online successfully. And not just the seasoned, professional artisans.

“Skilled amateurs and hobbyists who could never before imagine selling their work are now doing it with flair.”

There are many resources out there that make it easy for you to sell you crafts online, like ready made marketplaces that allow you to set up an online store in a couple of hours. There are social media platforms that make it easy to reach out to millions of people and see your work.

However, as convenient as things are achieving the desired result requires guidance. You need to learn how to do things so that your craft business takes off as per your expectations. That’s where the value of this blog lies. We publish useful information that help you get started from the scratch, or if you are a seasoned craft seller, to raise the bar even higher.

Not every crafter and artist wants to sell online, and we know that. In fact in many cases we advise not to start with selling online but through other methods. We have you covered here as well. As we have mentioned already, working from home is a favourite genre with us, having done exactly the same for years. We would love to have you sell from home as well.

Talk With Us

We welcome your comments and questions. While we do publish a lot of targeted content, if you have something specific to ask, we would love to hear from you. The easiest way to do this is to post a comment on the blog. We will be delighted to respond.

We think this is a great time to start your own art and craft business. The interest in all things craft is at an all time high and still growing. People are seeking out individual artisans more than ever. They are more concerned with a personal buying experience that can only come from individuals like you.

Our aim is to help you start, sustain and grow your craft business at whatever level and pace that you desire. We hope you you will find this site helpful and wish you all the best.