How To Start A Craft Business  –  A home business guide

57 Ideas For A Craft Business

This is an exhaustive list of a wide variety of craft business ideas. If you already don’t have one in mind this list will let you get creative and explore unthought of options.

31 Places To Sell Your Crafts Online

This is a great post to read if you are planning to sell your art and crafts online. There is a huge market to be tapped and this list of over 30 places to sell online will help you get started in the right direction.

10 Best Selling Handicraft Categories

All kinds of handicrafts are popular these days. People love it all. However, if we narrow it down a little, this is what we end up with, a lost of 10 best selling handicrafts categories that will give you a ton of ideas of the things to make.

9 Essential Costs Of Starting A Craft Business

Most people starting up a business worry about this. Well, wonder about it no more. Here are the 9 major costs that you are looking at when starting your craft business.

7 Ways To Increase The Sale Value Of Your Crafts

It is important that your potential customers value your craft as much as you do. Thats the only way you are going to get the price you want for them. Here is how you can increase the perceived value of your craft in people’s perspective.

7 Success Stories To Inspire Your Craft Business

These 7 stories about craftsperson are as interesting as their are varied. Different people who started in very different ways, doing different things, found inspiring success in their craft businesses. Read about them and get pumped up!

How To Choose Your Craft

Just incase you are still wondering, this post will help you decide which craft is the right one to get into business with.

7 Reasons You Must Have A Website For Your Craft Business

This is a must do if you have any intentions of selling online. Read how creating a website for your craft business is going to help you make much more sales.

7 Essential Steps To Create A Brand Image

One of most high priority advice that we give to everyone, is to work on building a brand image. If you want to receive the true worth for the craft work you do, these are 7 straightforward steps for building a brand image for your art and craft business.

5 Tricks To Increase Sales Of Your Crafts

Who doesn’t want more sales. These are 5 ways to boost the sales for your art and crafts.

4 Ways To Get A Great Selling Price For Your Crafts

The right selling price means more sales and maximum profit. Here’s how to get a selling price that perfectly balanced between being appealing to the customer and maximising your profit margin.

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Banish Craft Business Myths

Learn why you should not fear or have doubts about starting your own craft business. Banish the commons myths of starting a craft business.

Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Take this test and see if you are ready to start your own craft business. Discover what it takes to become a small business entrepreneur.

Why This Is The Right Time To Start A Craft Business

Discover important why reasons why there has been never a better time to start your own art and craft business and how you can flourish in this era.



Business Essentials

A handy checklist for the regulations that your home based craft business needs to follow. Refer it to know the all the legal requirements.

What Kind Of Craft Business To Start

What are the major choices to the different kinds of setup you can choose for your art and craft business i.e. solo or partnership, full-time or part-time, online or physical store.


Making A Craft Business Plan

Business plan made easy. Learn how to make it for your craft business or any business. All parts explained in easy to understand steps.

Do Goal Visualization

Visualise these goals and stages before you start an art and craft business and you will discover that things gets much easier and clearer. Try it.


The Most Important Quality of A Crafter

Discover the trait that you need to get at to become a successful craftsperson running your own successful online craft business.

Tapping Into Your Creative Mind

Before you start doubting your creative abilities try these methods to unleash your crafting abilities and transform them into a successful craft business.

Creating Time For Crafting

Discover time for crafting amidst your busy life and schedule. These tips will help you create spare time and have you crafting away before your know it.

Setting Up A Creative Workspace

Here’s how you can setup a workplace that is a constant source of inspiration and creativity in your craft business.


Set a Clear Financial Goal

Discover how you can drive yourself to greater craft business success with this method of setting the initial and basic financial goals.

Money Do’s and Don’ts

Learn a few things you must and absolutely must not do when starting your own small craft business from home.


Why Branding Makes More Money For You

Discover how some smart and easy branding tips can multiply the income from your craft business many times over.

How To Choose A Business Name

Choosing a great name for your craft business is essential to your brand image. You can find the perfect business name by following these methods.

Working With Niche Crafts

Discover how working in a niche can eliminate competition, and multiply your profits many times over. Follow this method to find your niche crafts to sell.


How To Price Your Art And Crafts

The methods you can use to ensure you are selling your crafts for the best possible price and earning the maximum profit for every sale.

Get Best Prices On eBay Auctions

The fantastic advantages of auctioning your crafts on eBay and other auction sites. Learn to leverage auctions to make even more money with your crafts.


  1. I’m looking for a job assembling products from home maybe beaded jewelry or something that’s not too difficult or to learn to do and doesn’t have start up costs. I seen some online but my research shows they are scams or no longer in business.

    1. You are correct in your research. They are no legit product assembling jobs out there as such. At least none that you can find easily online. Would you be open to learning some crafting skills and trying to sell it online? It will take time. But you can hasten the process if you tap into something you already know and are keenly interested in. There are several online marketplaces you can sell stuff. We wrote an article sometime back about 31 Places To Sell Crafts Online. Making your own stuff and selling it locally or online is your best option if you want to make money working with crafts. You may be able to find work working with a local craftsperson, but it is apt to be low paying position. People usually undertake work as an appreciate for potters and wood workers to learn the trade first hand. May I recommend making a quick visit to this craft businesses page? It might give you some good ideas for what to do.

  2. I want two work from home while with my three kids help me get started please. Great with assembly and crafts

  3. Hi My name is Jose
    Looking for work opportunity
    I am very talented and I know how to operate sewing machine’s and I have some ideas how to do artcrat and more please call me

  4. Hello I am from Afghanistan , I want to entry for Get Paid to draw , is it a true site , or fake ? And please inform me about its charges , thanks

  5. Hello im a mom of 4 an i need extra money..i love making things an helping others… please contact me for a project.. it would help a lot. Thanks..

  6. I am writing in regards to Jaclens Quilts. I was the former owner and have not been in business for more than 10 years now. I just received a letter inquiring about my company and the said that they got the information from this sight. I would appreciate it if you please removed Jaclens Quilts from your directory. thank you

  7. Please help, I really need to start , I would love to assemble, pics and frames. Thank you.

    1. Hello Maria, thank you for writing in. We really do not recommend any kind of craft assembly job to earn a reliable and sustainable income. We do recommend establishing a source of income selling your own art and crafts. Kindly go through the articles that you find on this page and learn how to create your own craft that you can sell successfully. We also highly recommend downloading the “Craft Income Secrets”. You will find all the information you need about getting started with your craft business in just 14 days. Do let us know if you have any more questions. All the best!

  8. I’d like to start assembling stuff from home like frames n lace plz help me get started ty

    1. I want to sew at home. I have my own sewing machine, and serger machine, send me more information thank you.

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