Start Your Own Home Based Business – Woodwork, Sewing And Other Crafts

How to start a woodworking business from home

how to start a small woodworking business from home

How to sell wood crafts – Explore all options.
When it comes to running a small business, creating is nothing without selling. Discover all the ways you can sell the woodcrafts you make.

How to create niche best selling wood crafts.
Find a profitable niche and you will find a woodcraft that sells like hot cakes. Here’s how to come with ideas for hundreds of unique and popular woodcrafts. 

3 hand planes you should buy first and their uses

Hand tools are great for a lot of uses around the wood shop. Discover the uses for the 3 most popular hand planes you can buy.

Why you should pre-finish wood projects and how to do it.
Looking for a way to make the finishing part of a project go easier? Try the technique of pre-finishing your wood projects.

Start A Woodworking Business From Your Garage
One of the most popular locations for a home based wood shop, discover your options to use the garage space to it’s full potential.

How to breathe clean and clear air in a workshop
Safety always comes first. Breathing clean air is the most basic and primary standard of a health work environment in a work shop. This is your 101 guide for breathing clean air while woodworking.

Do You Really Need Commercial Grade Tools
Building an arsenal of tools can be a never ending process in woodworking. This is a comparison between commercial and consumer grade tools and when you need to have one or the either.

Essential power tools for a wood shop
Hand tools cannot match the speed of power tools. They are essentials in any modern wood shop. This is the list of over 25 most sought after woodworking power tools, in order of their importance.

Essential hand tools for a wood shop
Speed aside, many professional woodworkers will tell you that the finish of a woodworking hand tool can never be surpassed or even matched by a power tool. Essential hand tools add versatility to your wood projects and even make certain jobs easier.

Top 10 Best Selling Wood Crafts
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew just the wood craft to make that would sell right off the shelves faster than you could make it? Here is some help in that direction. These best selling wood crafts are all about time tested ideas and techniques that make a wood craft really popular.  

11 must have finishing supplies for a wood shop
Often the last stage for a wood project but also a crucial one with the potential to make or break all your hard work. Here are some essential finishing supplies for your wood shop that make the job easier and yield great results.

Making the perfect birdhouse
An evergreen outdoor wood project. Learn to get a birdhouse right and make your little furry friends feel right at home.

Easiest Ways To Buy The Best Wood
Wood is your number one recurrent expense and your primary raw material. Getting the wood you need easily and cheaply with make things so much easier and profitable for you.

How to re-condition a cordless drill battery
This is a very interesting read for anyone with battery operated power tools. With deterioration of the battery, the performance of the tool also suffers. This post goes over some great methods to keep make that battery last much longer and even recover it’s condition when the power and capacity dwindles.

Safety Procedures In A Wood Shop
Safety in a workshop is paramount. Go over the essential and must have safety protocols you must have in place every time you do woodwork.

How to start a small home based sewing business

start a sewing business

An Introduction – Where to begin
 A common ground where all small business owners start. The what's and the how's of starting. This post begins at that point and introduces you to some nuances of starting a sewing business.

Not sure what to sew to sell? Start here.
 Knowing how to create successful sewing projects for your sewing business can be a bit of a mind game. This post is a guide to help you break through that mystification.

How to buy the right sewing machine to get the job done
 Your sewing machine is your primary tool of creation and there is a very large variety available. See how much of a sewing machine you need for your sew shop.

How to choose the perfect name for a sewing business.
 Choosing a business name is one of the first step for all businesses and an important one. Choose the right name for your sewing business and it will help you get off your feet and progress that much faster.

How to buy and manage fabric responsibly
 The fabric inventory can quickly get out of control and chaotic if you do not manage it systematically. Fabric is the main  raw material for a sewing business and is used in large quantities. Which is the reason why it can also lead to large wastage. Learn how to buy fabric for a sewing business.

5 most useful sewing crafts to make and sell
 You can sew crafts in so many different categories. But the ones that tend to do really well are also the ones that serve a purpose. Discover five examples of best selling sewing crafts with a purpose.

Learn to coordinate different fabrics
 Being unique is not always about reinventing the wheel. In fact in most cases it is about doing things differently and doing them better. This post is about exploring fabrics as a way of creating a unique look for your sewing business.

11 must have tools and accessories for your sew shop
 These tools and accessories will make dozens of jobs a lot more easier for you.

6 must have accessories for your sewing machine
 Boost the functionality of your sewing machine with these accessories that enable you to perform many kinds of jobs on the same sewing machine.

10 best selling sewing crafts
 The title of this post says it all. These are 10 examples of best selling sewing crafts. They are singular examples and also serve as a guide for discovering more popular ideas of creating best selling sewing crafts.

How to save a TON of money when buying fabric
Your biggest recurring expense will be the fabric. Here are ways to strike bargain, discover deals and use strategies that save you money when purchasing this raw material for your sewing business. Increase your profit margin, reduce the selling price and make your sewing business more competitive. 

Get more out of your patterns. Make amazing innovations!

How to start a small art and craft business from home

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