Woodworking Tools For Beginners

I wrote an article sometime back about the must have tools for a wood-shop. This is a list of about 29 must-have woodworking tools ( at the time of writing this), and includes everything from the basic tools to start with, to the advanced woodworking machines to acquire as one progresses along their woodworking business……

Do You Need Hand Tools In A Modern Woodshop – What The Woodworkers Say

Woodworkers speak on the subject of hand tools and their place today in the workshops. Here is an article looking at the role that some important hand tools still play and how you can include a few essential ones to strike a balance in your woodworking, enhance creativity, getter better results and improve the overall workflow, all by using some woodworking hand tools.

3 Best Hand Planes You Should Buy First And How To Use Them

If you didn’t know it, hand planes are an absolute must for woodworking. They are an absolute boon to have regardless of what power tools you use. Hand planes make common jobs easier in a workshop, and save you time and effort. As long as you take the time and practise to learn to them, these are the 3 must have hand planes you need to buy first for your woodworking workshop.

How To Setup, Tune And Maintain A Perfect Table Saw For Years

A table saw is one of the first major power tool a commercial woodworker buys. The advice most commonly given is to buy the best you can afford. Even so your new table saw might need a few checks to make sure there are no defects and a few tuneups to set it up for accurate cuts. Here are a few important checks as well as maintenance tips for your high utility power tool that will keep it delivering accurate cuts for a long time.

What Is a CNC Woodworking Router And How To Assemble One At Home

What is a CNC router is, how it works and how you can get one for your wood-shop. CNC woodworking is an enthralling way to do woodwork with equally thrilling results. The only caveat is that you learn how to operate the CNC router. Once you do you amazing designs and possibilities open for you.

How To Recondition A Cordless Drill Battery

Your power tool batteries can probably last longer than they usually do. Since the performance of your cordless tools is directly linked to the battery condition, it makes sense to know a few things about elongating battery life. Also, since they are expensive to replace, it’s very useful to learn how to recondition degraded batteries to restore their power.

The Best Battery Type For Cordless Power Tools – Lithium, NiMH Or NiCd

Battery performance affects the functioning of every cordless power tool. Find out if lithium-based batteries are right choice for your intended usage or do nickel-based batteries present a better solution.

How To Make Tool Batteries Last 3x Longer

There are a few simple things you can do to make your batteries in any device last much longer before their capacity and performance decreases to the extent that you have to replace them or even discard the device altogether. Batteries are susceptible to how they are used and charged. Learn these simple tricks to keep your batteries performing at peak capacity for longer.

7 Very Useful And Easy To Make Woodworking Jigs

Woodworking jigs are very useful little contraptions that make doing a particular process easier like cutting drilling holes of a specific depth, making dovetails etc. They allow you to get uniform results every time you repeat the process. Jigs can be simple or complex structures. You can purchase ready made ones and also make a lot of them yourself. These are a few simple jigs you can make yourself for common woodworking functions.

Basics Of Sanding With Belt And Orbital Sanders

No wood working project is finished without sanding. In order to get the right finish you almost always have to sand the wood surface and then apply a coat of polish/varnish if you choose to. In this post we will look at two kinds of power sanders and how to use them. The Belt Sander……