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Titan Chains – Home Assembly Job Offer

We were recently contacted by a company called Titan Chains. They offer home based assembly jobs to crafters. The craft that requires assembling is a jewellery item called the Interchangeable Wrist Wrap. This is a bracelet that is made from steel wire. Is Titan Chains legit? As always the first thing to consider is whether […]

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Home Assembly Jobs – List Of Simple Products To Assemble At Home

Assemble Products At Home – Only Cutting & Gluing Required This section lists home assembly jobs that require no special skill. You will be work from home assembling products that only require cutting, gluing and sticking. You are not required to have any special specific skill such as sewing or woodworking. View the companies on […]


Sewing Jobs At Home | Make Simple Crafts

This is a listing of sewing jobs at home that involve making and assembling craft products. The sewing skills required range from hand stitching to machine stitching. There are also crafts that require embroidery and appliqué work to be done. Look at the craft description mentioned with each sewing job. If you are interested in […]


List of Woodworking Assembly Jobs

Woodworking Assembly Jobs From Home This post is a list of craft businesses that hire people to make woodworking crafts from home. Read the details of each job by clicking the links below. If you have any questions, you can post your comments at the end of the post. NOTE: The tools required for this […]


Assemble Cd Cases At Home

Among the more popular products that people look to assemble from home is, assembling cd cases at home. Assembling cd cases is a popular product assembling enterprise. There are some obvious reasons for it. It is a product that people are familiar with. Every one knows what a cd case is and have probably used […]

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