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How to start your own woodworking business for an investment of less than a thousand dollars, and turn it into a 6 figure income.

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A Complete Guide To A Money Making Woodworking Business

If you enjoy woodworking, starting a small woodworking business will be one of the better decisions you make. It will allow you to make a great part-time / full-time income, while giving you spare quality time to do other things you want to.

With this guide you can discover the step-by-step method of setting up a woodworking business at home and turning your hobby or passion into profit. You will require minimum capital to start and setup a nice income for yourself.

The “Secret” for a successful woodworking business…

You don’t need to be professional woodworker with several year’s experience to succeed at this.You don’t need a huge workshop and you don’t need big expensive machinery. The most important things to know are:

WHAT to make WHO to sell it to and HOW to sell it.

The guide is created by, and based on the experience of, an accomplished woodworker who started this business in his small garage. He operated this business making simple wood crafts, using the simplest of tools and within a year converted it into a 6 figure income.

Key Features

  • Work full time or part time in developing your business
  • Work from the comfort of your home
  • You don’t need to invest heavily in tools and machinery.
  • You can be a professional woodworker who wants to advance his business or you be an amateur who wants to start making money with his skills.
  • Make maximum income per hour making simple and high profit wood crafts.

In this guide, you will see exactly how to replicate this kind of a success. You will go through everything that he does to make his home based woodworking business a success. You will also see all the best-selling wood crafts along with complete plans to make them.

500 Professional Woodworking Plans For Best Selling Wood Projects 

You are not going to run out of ideas about what to make anytime soon. Here are more than 500 wood projects that you can choose from. They cover a range of complexity, design and skill level. The ONE THING they have in common is that they are all best selling wood projects. What if you knew exactly what the customer wants to buy? That would surely be helpful.

In addition to the 500 wood plans above, you will also see the 10 best-selling wood crafts of all times, the ones that have a history of making a lot of money. Some of them will definitely surprise you because they are actually small and simple wood crafts.

Some Reviews – What the users are saying…

“This is a must have for anyone selling (or thinking of selling) their own woodworking products. The book is very easy to understand and includes information on everything from pricing small craft products, woodworking business ideas to high-end antique reproduction furniture.” 

– Seth Jordan

“I have searched every corner of my brain trying to think of the perfect business to get myself into as I wanted to work for myself. When I found this book, I found my answer. What they've said is true, “Find something you enjoy doing and you'll never have to work a day in your life”. For me it's woodworking.. “

– Mark Diaz

“Excellent, down-to-earth, practical advise and information on every aspect of the woodworking business. The section on woodworking shop ideas is invaluable. This is an encouraging, supportive and very practical book.”

– Eugene Fields

“A remarkably practical and helpful guide. Every subject from your woodworking business plan to tax legislation is covered here in a straightforward and encouraging way, making you realize just what is possible. A life-changing book.”

– Wade Vasquez

With no more than a couple of months experience, I started a woodworking business using this book as a guide. It's running smoothly and my customers are happy. Everything you need to know is covered.

– Mark Duncan

“I was very pleased with the information I got from this book. Jim obviously knows what he is talking about especially about the business end of operating a woodworking startup. Overall this book is a very helpful resource.”

– Eugene

Let's recap what you get.

  1. Wood Profits ™ – A  Complete Woodworking Business Guide. Start a woodworking business from home part-time (or grow it to be full-time), and turn your passion into profit.
  2. A bundle of more than 500 professional woodworking plans & blueprints so that you never run out of idea about what to make. The plans also include the top 10 best-selling wood crafts of all times.
  3. An audio book for the entire guide so that you can listen to it at your convenience.

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