Making Crafts From Everyday Objects – For Personal Use And To Sell

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There are lots of times when I come across some very nice art and craft objects that are result of simple ingenuity. People have taken everyday objects and turned them in to beautiful craft items. Sometimes these crafts are for personal use whereas more often than not, they are sitting pretty on a shelf in some craft store, ready for sale.

Some everyday objects that are used this way are drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes, tins and cans, old furniture, old wood, suitcases etc. If you will just do a search on any search engine on how to make a craft from any of these objects, you will find your computer screen flooded with ideas.

I wanted to write this post because I was recently inspired to convert some seemingly useless objects around the house into something useful. I happen to buy a certain food product that comes in 1kg tin cans. Since I regularly buy this product, I end up with quiet a few empty tin cans. I wanted to do something with them. And I realised that many crafts that I had seen had in fact been made from tin cans. I have seen some very nice cans for sugar, tea and coffee, brightly painted flower pots, hanging lamps for the garden, pen stands, wall mounted alcoves for letters, keys etc.

And i realised that with a little effort and expense I could turn these cans in to a craft items that not only I would love to have around the house but also save me a tidy sum by not buying them from a store.

I can even make myself extra money if I sell this craft. Instead of having to spend on the food product when I buy it, I am actually making a profit from it. Where will I sell them you may ask.. Well, there’s always eBay.. and enthusiastic friends to begin with!

If you can hit upon a series of creative ideas to make objects into crafts, you can also make money from this activity. The one great advantage of converting an object in to craft is that you do not have to build from the scratch. This process is much easier and can give you extremely creative and beautifully finished results.

Do share you inputs and experiences with us about recycling everyday articles into beautiful and useful crafts!

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