Secrets Of An Arbitrage Craft Business | Buy And Resell Crafts For A Profit (Picture Post)

Playing in the Sand Just like playing in the sand and discovering buried treasures, you can unearth arts and crafts in innocuous places, for wondrous prices. And if you are right, just like unknown treasures in the sand you can sell them for a great profit.(Left: Vintage Dial Phones Replicas, 1841-1895) What Is Arbitrage Arbitrage……

Sell Plants From Home – A Craft Business Idea (Picture Post)

Like To Grow Plants? Whether you grow plants as a hobby or it’s something you do to de-stress, there is one more benefit to your pastime. Plant growing is a fulfilling craft that can make you an income. Even a full-time one. There are many small businesses that are doing just this. And don’t worry……

Social Media Guide For Business Part #2 – Using Pinterest

This post is about Pinterest, a social media platform that I, perhaps, use the most for promotions of my work, and the various ways you can use it to work for your business, if it will work for your kinds of business at all.   In part #1 for social media guide for small business……

Social Media Guide For Business Part #1 – Using Facebook

Social media platforms are getting more powerful with passing time for all kinds of small businesses. They are also becoming more small business unfriendly and encouraging paid promotions and presence. In this post you will learn how to leverage Facebook and a Facebook Business page to get more leverage for your small business using both organic and paid growth through Facebook Ads.

Best Ways To Exercise From Home For Better Performance

Explore what working out from home is all about with a close look at all the kinds of exercise that you can without expensive equipment and gym memberships. All you will need is oodles of inspiration and a drive to improve your well being in as much as is in your hands.

How To Earn With Freelance Writing Jobs (For Beginners)

Writing is a skill that is just right for freelancing and working from home. This post explores the best ways to use writing skills for making a consistent income. Learn how to grow writing skills, find the best paying writing jobs and find high paying writing assignments.

What Is Wood Art And Why It Is Good For Business

Choosing the right craft is important for selling success. In this post we explore a popular niche for wood crafts that make for some great sellers. Wood art is something that is creative and joyful as a process and results in high monetary returns because after all you are making ‘art’. Learn how to make simple and beautiful wood art from your workshop and tap into this profitable genre of woodworking.

How To Earn With Drawing And Art Jobs Online

Learn all about the different ways to earn money with your art skills. In this post we speak about different online opportunities for artists, where to find these openings for drawing jobs and how to go about selling your own art work online.

Custom Shoe Making Business | How To Start Small And Easy And Grow

I always wore custom made shoes as a child. Just one of the reasons I think a custom shoe making business is a great idea. Discover how to learn shoe making and start your own shoes business.

How To Write Amazing Books To Sell Online

You can create ebooks to sell on any subject you are comfortable writing about. Here we discuss the writing process and the best method to create ebooks and courses that sell on Kindle, ClickBank and other online libraries.