8 Best Selling Handicraft Categories

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Handicrafts is a word with a wide definition. It includes a lot of products made through different methods, using different materials and of a dazzling array of designs. 

However, there are some handicrafts that are almost ‘super crafts’, as far as their popularity is concerned. These crafts from some well know segments of the art and craft world. They have been loved and sought after by craft lovers for decades and even centuries.

Getting involved in making these super crafts is extremely beneficial from a business point of view, because as logic dictates, they are also best-sellers.

Here is the short list of some of the most popular and widely accepted handicrafts of all times.

  1. Quilting. This one’s one of the classic arts, isn’t it. Quilting is being done since decades, from the time when ladies of the house used to do it for their homes. It’s really beautiful and much appreciated in the current times. A good quilted piece also attracts a steep selling price, and a good profit for the effort that goes into making it.
  2. Embroidery. This is an age old and versatile craft. Embroidery can be used to convert something ordinary into a beautiful and one of a kind piece of art and craft. The price that a crafter gets for his/her effort depends on the finesse of the embroidery as well as the original object that is being embroidered. 
  3. Appliqué and Patchwork. Patchwork is another classic and innovative form of art and craft. It can be used to make a lot of things look great. Its simple and innovative. Appliqué work is just as popular when it comes to fabric crafts.
  4. Candle making. This is one of the most loved and commonly practised craft. However, to turn it into a money making craft business you will need to step things up a little. Hand made candles sell for hundreds of dollars in stores and online. What makes them special? A few things like design, materials used, fragrance, high quality and good branding. In order to make candles that sell for a high profit, you too will have to ensure that your product is of high quality and has some branding message attached to it. For example, one of the one common branding used for candles is their special aroma or natural fragrance that is touted to have some kind of healing benefit.
  5. Weaving. Weavers have created magic since the beginning of time. Eve today, hand weavers continue to create amazing varieties of fabrics by mixing up the patterns and threads of their weaves. Hand woven fabrics are in demand. All you have to do is find a source of sale that is convenient for you.
  6. Pottery. The potter has come a long way from being a humble profession to ‘throwing’ cups and plates that sell for hundreds of dollars. Designer potters spend more of their time designing their crafts and leave the actual ‘throwing’ part to someone else. Even if you are not a high flying designer potter yet, you can certainly use your skill to make interesting and creative crafts that will be a rage locally as well as online. Pottery is a great craft to practise selling online. You can make small and lightweight crafts that are easy to ship. Cups, plates, table top crafts and kitchen crafts are just such an example.
  7. Sewing. There is so much you can do with a sewing skill. It’s easy to put this craft is the popular handicraft category. However, it is a little more difficult to pin point the exact sewing craft, or the kind of sewing business that will be a success for you. Fundamentally, it depends on 2 things. Number one, the kind of sewing work that you excel in doing, and second the demand that you can cater to. For example, custom made dresses may be a big business where you live locally. Or you may decide to target a broad niche online. It’s really up to you to decide what you love making. The choices are all so wonderful and many.
  8. Woodworking. Wood is a very versatile material when it comes to building things. So many beautiful projects are made from wood. So many things that we need in our daily lives from complete houses to small furniture, utility items and crafts. Wood is one of the very first building material know to humanity and its importance continues to grow with passing time. Wood crafts are and always will be a sought after commodity. One requires skill to make beautiful wood crafts, and that skill is highly appreciated and rewarded in a business.

We realise that we have just quickly mentioned 10 categories of handicrafts, without telling you the actual crafts, where as there can be hundreds of different crafts under each. So which ones are the best selling you might ask?

This is where we tell you to do a bit of research and figure out which particular craft or group of crafts is likely to sell well in your community and the people who are going to be your customers. A lot also depends on your own comfort and skill levels.

For example, where you live, sewing baby clothes might be a very popular and well received handicraft. However, there may or may not be a high demand for custom made evening gowns as well.

In some places large outdoor projects like patios, sheds and decks might be highly in demand. Other places you could do well by making small crafts and furniture.

But you know what, its usually the category as a whole that is popular. So if knitted products sell well, nearly all good products will sell well. If there is a demand for custom sewing, you will have orders for all kinds of products.

You can look forward to a future posts where we are going to discuss each of the above handicraft in a little more detail. We will also add a few interesting projects. If you have any suggestions to add to the list of popular handicrafts, simply add your comments below.


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