How To Create 6 Figure Woodworking Income – Learn In 7 Emails

Woodworking 7 series The “7 Email” Series – How to create a woodworking income from a small wood shop

We are going to do a series of 7 emails on doing wood working jobs from home.

We hope you enjoy it and can turn that into a home based income opportunity. Woodworking from is undoubtedly one of the untapped opportunities out there.

We have researched this profusely and found everywhere that there are more than 10 woodworking opportunities for every one person who is ready to go for it. This is an astounding demand to supply ratio with the balance tipped in your favour.

These email series are going to be about how you can get started from home without any investment and special know how as well. Well, except the skill to make simple woodworking crafts.

For all those of you who have woodworking as a hobby or always wanted to start, this could be the ideal opportunity. You can start part-time working over weekends and then scale your business.

The beauty of starting a woodworking business from home as we show you, is that it is completely scalable. 

This is an advantage that many home based businesses have and woodworking business is going to be no different. You can start doing woodworking jobs from home with as little investment as $50 and making an income within a week.

This 7 part email series is going to speak about a lot of things that concern a woodworking business and ensure its success.

There are many ways to build a flourishing woodworking business. But we are aiming for a start from the scratch without digging deep in your pockets.

The good news is that it has been done, and there is a proven woodworking business model that can show you how to do it exactly. In the next up coming emails in this 7 part series we are going to talk about things like:

  • How to start a woodworking business for under $1000.
  • What are the top 10 woodworking items that you can make?
  • What are the best selling products that do not require special tools and skills? You can make several of these in a day.
  • How to plan your start-up including making a business plan.
  • How to access over 500 woodworking plans for some the best woodworking products so that you never run out of options for projects.
  • How to make a scalable woodworking business that you can start small but quickly grow it.

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