How To Create 6 Figure Woodworking Income – Learn In 7 Emails

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The “Woodworking Income Secrets“ In 7 Emails 

How to create a woodworking income from a small wood shop

Research shows that there are approximately ten woodworking job opportunities for every woodworker out there. This is a positive and encouraging number. So we decided to look into starting and running a small woodworking business. The top concerns were  factors like:

  • How feasible it is to get into woodworking today? Can you make a decent income with it?
  • How and what can you sell so that you make the a wage that is commensurate with your work hours?
  • How can you grow and automate your business so that it does not stay dependent on your physical input at all times?
  • How to sell remotely so that your sales happen even while you sleep or go on a holiday?
  • What are the best ways to promote your business so that you are never short of customers?
  • How to develop an amazing brand image so that you can charge the best rate for your work?

These are just some of the questions we set out to address for starting a small woodworking business from home. 

The word small is only meant to define a start and not the end.We explored how you can start from the scratch with less than $1000 of investment. If you already have an existing woodshop setup, then even less. You can scale the same small business to give you an annual 6 figure income. 

For all those of you who have woodworking as a hobby or always wanted to start, this could be the ideal opportunity. You can start part-time working over weekends and then grow your business gradually. 

Starting part-time with slow and sustainable growth are the advantages of most home based businesses, and a woodworking business is no different. 

There are many ways to build a flourishing woodworking business. But we are aiming for a start from the scratch without digging deep in your pockets.

The good news is that it has been done, and this is a proven woodworking business model that can show you how to do it exact clear steps. In the next up-coming emails in this 7 part series we are going to talk about:

  • How to start a woodworking business for under $1000.
  • See the Top 10 Best Selling Woodworking Crafts. 
  • What are the best selling products that do not require special tools and skills? You can make several of these in a day.
  • How to plan your start-up including making a business plan.
  • How to access over 500 woodworking plans for some of the historically best selling wood crafts. You will never run out of ideas 
  • How to make a scalable woodworking business that you can start small but quickly grow it.
  • The ways to promote and advertise a woodworking business so that more people buy from you. 

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