7 Ways To Increase Perceived Value Of A Handicraft

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These are amazing tips that can immediately increase value for handicrafts regardless of what the craft is. No matter how beautiful a handicraft these seven tips always affect the value that a buyer puts on the craft. The higher the perceived value of your handicraft, the higher the price you can set it for. The end result is you make more profit and reach your business goals faster. These are the first five things that you need to do.

How To Increase The Worth Of Your Craft Products

Create a brand name or a company name.

Regardless of whether or not you are going to register your company or filing a copyright for it, think about a name for your business. It is incredibly common for crafters to use their own name either completely or partially for example the stars candles.

Naming a business is as simple as thinking about it. It doesn’t cost you a single dime. But brainstorm the name for your business carefully and make sure that you choose a brand name that is appropriate to your craft and something that you will stick by. It is not advisable to change the name off your crafting business

It is never a good idea to have to change the name for business and having to rebuild the business image all over again. Read this post about how to choose a brand name for business. You can always file for copyright later.

Design a logo.

Now that you have a business name decided, it would really be great if you could come up with a logo for it as well. Logo makes the business image that much more classier. A logo can also be used on stationery, packaging and business signage, making your brand all the more attention grabbing.

Different businesses take different approach when it comes to choosing a logo. Many of them simply spell out the name of the business in a attractive way. They usually use fancy calligraphy to make the name popout. Other businesses or so choose to include certain graphics or pictures or designs. Now this is one department that you are probably going to need some help with.

Unless you are one of those amazing do it all and multifaceted type of people. But even if you do need the help of a graphic designer it is not something that you should fret about too much. Using a graphic designer these days is not very expensive. There are many services online that can do the job for you and some of them start for as low as five dollars.

Giving individual item names.

It is a good idea if you can somehow managed to name each different item individually and give it different names. You can give them different names based on the team behind the handicraft or the material, inspiration, design etc.

What this does is that it promotes a sense of individuality and exclusiveness to the each item which in turn enhances the the value that a customer might put on a particular craft.

Packaging. Nothing speaks more about your business image than how you finally present the craft in a package after it has been sold. This step see is the image of your business in the customer’s mind and reissues them that they have bought a great product.

Not only does this contribute a lot to do customer satisfaction but it also determines whether your present customer becomes returning and a recovering customer or not. We’re all for using green and environment friendly methods of using packaging material.

Use minimum materials and avoid wastage. Some of the simplest and classiest packaging we have seen comes in the shape of Brown recycled cardboard boxes with the company name and logo printed on it along with other necessary information.

People who are aware and environmentally conscious, which a lot of people today, are just as impressed when the sea a product packaging that says hundred percent recycle as they are with any other fancy packaging material. You can also give the buyer the option to opt out of traditional packaging if they want to further support your business is green in rents in incentive.

You can either inform them of this fact at the checkout or you can just put a small poster anywhere in the shop making the customer aware of their choice.

Pricing and packing.

We are a firm believer that the tagging and the pricing on your handicrafts should come from a proper printer or a label maker. Avoid hand written tags at all times. The price of the product is much more convincing to the buyer if printed and tagged properly and professionally. If you can print a barcode tag even better. You get many label makers for a very reasonable costs that allow you to make professional tags and labels with great ease.

Print business stationery.

Always get the basic stationary for your business organize and printed. Business stationery usually includes letterheads, bills, visiting cards all of which have your company name and your logo printed on it.

Your business stationery makes a business seem more professional and therefore in turn increases the value of all your work that you accomplish within your business.

Get a business signage.

Using business signs is something which is fairly optional. If you decide to use a business sign you will definitely build a great image for your business.

Many home-based businesses who do not want to or cannot owing to some regulation use a signage on the outside, used inside the shop. This is almost just as effective in creating a good impression on the customer as if the sign were displayed outside.

All of the tips and methods mentioned above are very effective steps you can take to build your business brand image. If you remember, reposted an article on how a crafter needs to be attention to the business side of things as well as the creativity.

This post is an extension of that and explains why. By following these simple business tactics right in the beginning, you can give your handicraft business and amazing and unprecedented boost. You can sell at a higher price, promote your brand will successfully and make your business thrive sooner than later. As always we look forward to your comments and questions. Please please feel free to post them below.

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