Why Product Assembly Jobs No Longer Exist

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We wanted to send you an update of what we keep speaking about all the time on the blog. We have been getting several emails from our subscribers and followers about the assembly companies that they have been looking in to.

Without mentioning specific names they have reported that many of the addresses and phone numbers for the assembly companies are no longer functional.
As we keep mentioning on the blog, earning a substantial income doing assembly jobs from home is just not a feasible option.

We know that a lot of you are still looking in to this. You want to work from home with craft jobs. But assembly jobs is not the option you should look in to. If you are confident about your crafting and want to make money from it, there are many ways to do this.

I know that getting a job from someone making simple crafts and then getting paid for them when you finish is really the simple option. Which is why so many people are interested in assembly jobs. And which is exactly the reason why there have been so many scams as well.

The point is that the assembly jobs from home almost no longer exist. At least we do not get to hear about them. Sure there are a handful of companies that have a transparent profile and crafters seem to be working for them. But it is still unclear whether any is making a substantial income from these jobs.

Coming back to what we said about making money from your crafts. There are other options other than to assembly products from home. Not to say that they are going to sound just as easy. But I do not believe that any of you come from a place where you believe that making an income is easy anyway, no matter what field you are in to.

However, if we tell you to contact your local craft stores, or sell online on eBay, or start your own home craft business or a website, remember just one thing…
Getting started is the most difficult thing.

And the reason why this is because we already tend to decide in our mind how doing something is going to be too much trouble. We make up our minds that it is too much of an hassle, too complicated and therefore we do not want to do it.

And so it never gets started.

Taking the example of selling to local craft stores, or selling on eBay. Yes, initially you will have to find out where those stores are, contact them, meet with them, show them your craft, or choose to make one for them. But what happens when all this is done? You have a legit source of income where you can work and get paid from home.

Similarly, selling on eBay might put you off because you have never done it and you instantly have a feeing that it will not work. But you will NEVER know till you do not try it. You will be surprised at what all gets sold on there and for what prices.

Etsy has become the largest seller of crafts and art in the shortest time possible. It is a giant of a platform for artists and crafters to sell their art. And millions of them do just that.

We realise that many of may not have ‘your own craft’. While you are comfortable working for making a craft for someone else according to their own specification, you do not have a novel idea of your own.

This could be simple matter of brainstorming and coming up with something that you are good with making and putting your individual stamp on it. We have explained this further in our craft business section. Making a craft of your own does not have to be about making something drastically different. It is a matter of standing out when you sell online and you can do that in many ways.

Anyway, these are just examples to show you that you can make money from your crafts. If you are willing to make the effort do not waste your time over dubious and unreliable product assembly jobs from home.

To know more about starting a craft business from home, pay a visit to our Craft Business section.


  1. I am confused!!!! Then WHY did you send me an email the day before I got this one advertising many many assemble at home jobs?

  2. You are so right. Humans are lazy and impatient. We just want everything to happen a.s.a.p. 🙂 After so many years working in an office where I was always using my creative side, I’m at the point when I have to decide for an office or work from home. I know it will be hard to start with but I know I can do it. Well, my sewing machine is out and waiting. 🙂

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