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Among the more popular products that people look to assemble from home is, assembling cd cases at home. Assembling cd cases is a popular product assembling enterprise. There are some obvious reasons for it.

It is a product that people are familiar with. Every one knows what a cd case is and have probably used one themselves. It is a product that is not only highly identifiable for people but also one that finds its requirement in every home. This does not mean that you have to assemble and then SELL these cd cases on your own.

[quote]There are 2 kind of projects available here. One is a CD case made out of cloth and requires sewing skills where as the other kind is a woodworking job and requires you to have very basic woodworking skills.[/quote]

You can work a few product assembling companies that assemble high quality CD cases. These company accept finished batches of assembled CD cases every week and pay you within 72 hours of approving your work. It is estimated that you can make anything between $200-$400 by working for any one of these CD case assembling companies.

There are basically two product assembling companies that you can work for in case you want to make CD cases at home.

One such company is called the Elk Creek Case Co while the other company is called New England Crafters or Magical Gift. Fortunately both these companies have a helpful website and a fairly lucid business policy and programme. They also have a dedicated customer helpline for number which you can call and address all your queries to.

If you have read some of our previous posts before you will know how important it is for a product assembling company to have the valid and a clear identity. Both these companies seem to be fairly respectable and established and are not hiding behind dubious post box addresses.

Here a special mention should be made for the company that is called New England Crafters or the magical gift company. This company is perhaps the most popular and valid product assembling company that is around today. Not only do they have are dedicated customer service helpline but they also have their own crafting store for which the address is available on their website.

You can just as easily pay them a visit and check them out for yourself in case you happen to be in the area. The addresses and the phone number listed below with some more details of these two companies.

New England Crafters also has one of the most comprehensive website with one of the most impressive array of craft products listed there on.

The craft products are professional and beautiful enough to tempt many are home based craft to work for them. They have even added an active forum were all their members recently.

There are a few crafting companies that hire people for assembling cd cases at home. They are listed here as follows:

Elk Creek Case Company

Call us at: 541-878-2642 Email us at: Mail us: High Point Marketing, P.O. Box 379, Shady Cove, OR 97539 website:

The Elk Creek Case company actually has two kinds of cases that are available for assembling at home and are fairly similar.One is the CD case while the other is the eye glass case. All of you who are looking to assemble CD cases at home can also have a look at their eyeglass product as you can make one you can easily make the other as well.

Apart from this they have two kinds of CD case is that you can assemble at home. One is a sewing product and requires you to have sewing skills while the other one is a woodworking project and needs you to make the CD case out of wood. You can view both these products on their websites which are and www.make

assemblign-bracelets-at-homeelkcreekcase1.png assemblign-bracelets-at-homeelkcreekcase2.png

You will get paid up to $409.20 per week for these CD totes. Like the eyeglass cases, you get your payment within 72 hours of receiving your finished batch ofCD totes. these CD cases of assembled with simple straight stitch sewing, from a very basic pattern. They use cotton calico fabric, as well as many other fun prints.

There is no selling for you to do because you send them to us, and we buy them from you.To get started with assembling CD totes you will need a starter kit. This kit includes everything in it that you’ll need to begin this project, minus the thread.

In the starter kit you receive our finished sample case, so you have our product to compare your work to. Also included is the pattern, instructions, all the materials needed to complete your first case, fabric swatches, and our quality control check list. This is the same list that is used to inspect your cases.

It allows you to sew your case, lay it down right next to our finished case, and go down our check list looking at the exact same items. This takes all the guess work out of the inspection process; and you will know exactly what the product assembling company is looking for.

You can call them at all regular business arts with any questions and extra assistance that you might need in completing your work of assembling their CD cases. the eyeglass cases starter kit is $35.90 including shipping and handling. the assembling CD totes starter kit is $38.90 including shipping and handling.

You are allowed to make finished sets of five batches for both the eyeglass case and the CD case every single week.That is the maximum amount of quantity that the Elk Creek Case company is ready to accept from you every week. each batch contains a set of 48 items and the payment should you for making the CD cases is as follows: $81.84 gross payment which includes $39.20 for labor + $27.36 for supply costs + $4.00 for shipping.

You can also ask for a refundable sample of the CD case to be sent to you before you actually decide to start assembling the product. After you have seen an observed the product carefully, you will be in the better position to make a decision regarding whether you want to work for in this company are not The refundable CD sample case is $10.95 plus $4.95 for shipping & handling ($15.90 total). This option allows you a risk free opportunity to make your decision.

If you do decide to work for the Elk Creek Case company your start-up cost for registration will be refunded to you after you have completed eight batches for the company.

New England Crafters:

New England Crafters: Magical Gift Company or New England Crafters is a popular product assembling company that has a large following amongst craft lovers and home based Crafters. It has a wide range of crafts listed on its very professional website that home based crafter can assemble at home. One of these is there popular and simple product of assembling CD cases.

While the rest of the crafts have images posted to give you an idea of what they look like for some reason the CD case product does not have an image on the website. But they do have a dedicated helpline number of where you can call and get all the information that you need.

You are also sent a sample of the product you are trying to assemble venue subscribe to the starter kit. As mentioned before New England Crafters is an impressive product assembling company. They maintained a list of the people who are approved to assemble products for them. Which means that in case you are approved to make CD cases for them you will find your name listed on their main website as an approved assembler along with the dozens of others.

You can find an active forum dedicated to the people working for New England Crafters on Not only that but they have also started for on their own wear different people regardless of whether they are working for the company not can discuss different crafts and ideas. Both these websites are a great place to get input from other people who might be doing the job of assembling CD cases at home.

The address for the crafting story in Torrington, Connecticut is listed below along with their dedicated helpline number. You are welcome to pay their store a visit where you can see in person the sample of the product you are interested in assembling which in this case is the CD case.

The Magical Gift Company Store:

Located at 38 Main Street in Downtown Torrington, CT

Showroom Hours: Mon.-Fri.10am until 6pm, Saturdays 10-5pm

Customer Service & Order Line : 1-860-482-3955

Hours Monday-Friday 10am until 7pm E.S.T. Saturdays 10am until 5pm E.S.T. ( Closed On All Major holidays)


If you come across another company website by the name of HAND CRAFTED WOODWORKS, this is to inform you that this company is the same as the Elk Creek Case company which has been mentioned before. This name is only the subsidiary of the Elk Creek Case company and offers the same product to assemble which is that of the wooden CD case.


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