Create a Photo Album For Your Woodworking Business

I believe that good product photographs are really really important. You need to create a photo album for your woodworking projects. This is the best way to show a potential customer your credentials and skill as a woodworker. A photo album comprising of your body of work convinces the potential customer of your ability and reliability.

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A photo album of your work also serves as a design book. The customer could be needing something like you have built in the past and going through an album might help them to order that.

You can consider creating different photo albums for the work that you have done and another of good designs and ideas which can be your own or drawn from another source. These design ideas are ones that you are ready to make on order.

We want to emphasise that the quality of the photographs should be very good. If you do not have a decent camera, get one. Nowadays a decently priced digital camera will do our good job for you. However the best results still come from a digital SLR.

We will cover product photography and how to take good pictures of your crafts in another section of this blog. That is an important topic as well. But for now remember this step. Avoiding using the built-in flash on the camera and use as much natural light as possible. The lighting in the room can also serve the purpose if it illuminates the product well.

You can either create a physical photo album by getting the pictures printed on high quality photo paper and putting them in the standard ‘sleeves’ album. Or you can create a digital version of it on your computer, phone or any kind of a tablet such as a iPad, Nexus, Windows Surface etc.

Uploading your pictures to a cloud services like Dropbox and Picasa is also a great idea. Your photos become available everywhere and on all devices and you can share them with other people with ease. However, always have an off-line copy on your devices as well. You never know when the Internet connectivity might fail and leave you in a lurch at the crucial moment with a customer.

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