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The “CRAFT INCOME SECRETS” has ALL the information you need to start making money online by doing something you love. You will discover amazing ways in which you can convert your hobby/skill/passion into a substantial and sustainable income.

“No matter what your craft or art is, we will show you how you can make money from it. “

You can make this your full time income, or work part-time, on weekends and use it as a great supplementary income.

“The idea behind creating this resource is simply this – to be the best, the most complete and the only knowledge base you will ever need to make money doing art and craft work.”

Just a few things you will discover…

  • Overcome fear /reservations about starting a craft business – The reasons you have not been making money from your crafts so far.
  • Convert ANY art and craft skill in to an income stream – In as less as 15 days!
  • How to make a great income ONLINE with and without your own website.
  • Discover simple and high selling crafts you can start making with ease.
  • Unearth your hidden creativity.
  • Generate multiple streams of income from your craft.
  • How to get started with less than $100.
  • How to sell from home.


  1. ART AND CRAFT INCOME SECRETS – A complete guide to making money with any art or craft!
  2. “ETSY SELLING SUCCESS” –  Etsy has become hugely successful for crafters and artists of all kinds. And yet so many get it wrong and never ending up with as much success as they can. Sell anything you want on Etsy. Get set up quickly. Make your first sale within a week. All this and more in this “Etsy Selling Guide”.
  3. “PINTEREST MONEY MAKING”. Pinterest has become a powerful source for online sales. It is free to use and is making artists and crafters thousands of dollars! Learn how you can make money from Pinterest.
  4. SEWING BUSINESS SECRETS”. Craft Income Secrets shows you everything you need to make money with ANY craft. With the Sewing Business Secrets we make it all about making money from a sewing business. You get to learn all the secret tips and tricks including the “best selling sewing crafts”. If sewing is your thing, then THIS is the resource that will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know!


  1. Hi, my name is sarah I’m sewing sleeping bags ,the problem is I need to sell online so that I can make money please help me,

    1. Hi Sarah, its great that you are already sewing stuff. You can definitely sell you crafts online. And I think sleeping bags will definitely be in demand. We encourage you to download the “Craft Income Secrets”. Its a complete low-down on everything you need to know about selling your own art and craft. It even included bonuses courses on selling on Pinterest and Etsy. You can download it from this page. Thank you for writing in. Do let us know if you have any more questions.

    1. Hi, Richard. If you have signed up using the sign up form on this page, you should have been able to download the Craft Income Secrets. This is a complete guide to starting your own art and craft business from home. You will learn how you can convert your talents in to a source of income online and otherwise. Starting something on your own is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to make an income with art and crafts. We wish you all the best. Do post your comments, questions and reviews after you have gone through the Crafting Income Secrets.

      1. My name is Alexus and I’m a single mother. Just finished dental assistant school and couldn’t take the job that was offered to me due to the fact that I can’t find a sitter. Day care is too expensive and its hard getting on my feet. I heard about you guys and hope that you can help me get back on my feet and give me a chance to give my baby a better life.

  2. hey ill like to make money from my home and would like to know how to get started..

  3. I am a 57 yr old grandmother who specializes in recycled jeans for projects. I have been sewing all my life, have my own machines and would like a direction to follow?

    1. Hello Susan, thank you for writing in. It’s great that you are all setup! What an interesting speciality you have. Not to mention all the good you are doing for the environment. So thank you for that as well.

      We would definitely like to help however we can. Please go ahead and download the comprehensive guide listed above on this page. You will surely find it very useful.
      The other thing to do it to go through our “Sewing Business” on the blog. We have written some helpful posts there as well.
      We wish you all the best. Don’t hesitate to write in if you have some more queries.

  4. I am so interested and can’t wait to get the information to get started. Sounds like all the questions I have will be answered, simple understandable.

  5. I’d like to start making money at home right away, please’ let me know and leave me more info .

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