How To Earn With Drawing And Art Jobs Online

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We are constantly on the lookout for great ways for you to make extra money. Drawing jobs from home got us quiet excited.

Let us understand a few things about how this works. 

What are online drawing jobs?

This article is about how you can make an income online by drawing sketches, vectors, graphics and even taking pictures from a camera. A pre-requisite is that you are an artist and good at drawing and sketching. Even better you are adept at CAD and can make vectors, graphics and artwork on the computer.

Apart from being in demand, CAD artwork also makes it easier to repeat, recreate, edit and even resell your work more easily. Since we are looking at the online platform, you will have to convert your work into the digital media anyhow, even if you do your artwork on paper or canvas.

Selling your drawing and artwork online has some very obvious advantages. If you only sell in the digital print, then you cab sell the same artwork infinite number of times without having to recreate or re-print it. If you offer prints, you can still make multiple prints and sell the same artwork many times, unless you sell something exclusively to someone. 

This is not your hassle. The websites you upload your drawing and sketches to handle what kind of license the buyer wants to purchase.

Drawing jobs are a really worthy way to work and earn from home. Sketches, vectors and digital drawings are one of the most sought-after commodity online. You can even upload pictures. Thousands of digital media is bought and downloaded every single day. This is truly a field of work that is suited to making our great income online.

There is a lot to discover when it comes to a online drawing job. All kinds of drawings sell. Each drawing that you make can sell hundreds and thousands of times. Therefore it can be worth thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

Who is this for?

This opportunity is for anyone who:

  • Knows how to sketch and draw or…
  • Is willing to take lessons to learn
  • Likes to click pictures with their camera. (Even a good quality phone camera works )
  • Is interested in making money online.

Features and benefits

The benefits of doing this work are several.

You can choose the drawings jobs you want. You can work as much or as little as you want. There is complete freedom in it and you can start part-time if you wish. 

If you are an artist or would like to be, you really need to look at this resource.

Every picture or drawing that you upload has the potential of making a recurring income of thousands of dollars. Not only can you learn to draw with this resource but also make a great income doing it.

  • Get paid for submitting simple drawings.
  • Have someone show you step by step what to do.
  • Earn residual income from every photo you submit.
  • Use your cell phone camera as a profit tool.
  • Have a real artist teach you how to draw.

Where To Sell Your Drawings And Artwork

There are many ways to convert your art work into ready income.

Before you think of selling, make sure your work is up to the standard.

If you have any need to gain extra skills, you can do it right from your computer with Skillshare. You will find lessons and tutorials in every category of art. 

When is comes to selling your drawing and other artwork, there are many platforms that will do the service. Selling artwork on, is a very popular option. There are, in fact, dozens of websites where you can put up your art work for sale.

If you enjoy making your own artwork and putting it up for sale, these marketplaces are for you. It is not uncommon to be approached for custom projects by buyers. However, I feel I should give you an important tip here. Having your own online page is equally important if you are serious about selling your art online. We have written an article on this why having your own store online is one of the most important steps.

It is not complicated or difficult as you might think. Services like Shopify are amazing and a one stop for all your online selling needs. Even if you are not ready to sell, their impressive templates can make you an impactful online profile. 

Stockphoto websites are a great option for selling digital art. 

Stock photo websites will allow you to upload your drawings, graphic art work, paintings etc. at no cost to you. The only requirement is that your work be 100% original and meet the quality guidelines. This will not be very difficult for any good artist.

You can upload any kind of art work be it on paper, canvas or digital. It can be a sketch, a painting, a vector, basically anything. It does not cost anything to upload and you will get paid every time someone downloads it. The same art work can get download and sold hundreds of times and can continue to make you money for a very long time. The more artwork you upload and the largest portfolio you build, the more income you can expect to make.

These are some of the popular stock photo websites. They all come up with a free sign-up. There are more websites that you can find by doing an online search yourself.

1. iStockPhoto.
2. Shutterstock . Shutterstock is out first choice. They have a good tutorial section that you ought to go through to understand what they are looking for and the standards that your art work needs to meet.
3. Shutterpoint.

Other options fro selling your artwork include becoming a freelancer and joining sites like Fiverr is a very popular platform for people doing all kind of creative artwork. Logo designing is a very popular activity. So is making sketches and portraits of people. There is a wide range of work available.

Open your own online art store.

This is a highly recommend move, specially since it literally takes an hour of your time online to end up with a great looking art store, ready to accept payments and do some e-commerce business for your. Thanks to a service called Shopify, you can open your art store online quiet easily.

What you will need to work at is having some great product photographs to display and writing in some titles and descriptions of your listing. Having your own store is great because it helps your build a brand and an identity, both of which are very important if you want to get paid well for the work you do.

Online courses to learn drawing, sketching and artwork

There used to be a resource listed here earlier by an artist that taught people how to draw and sketch. This was, of course, for people who were interested in this work but also needed to progress in their drawing skills before being ready for it. That course is no longer available but in it’s place are 2 websites that offer a wide range drawing and sketching courses. They are as follows:

Skillshare Drawing Courses and Udemy Drawing Lessons.

There are also some free resources that will help you brush up your talent.

How To Draw It – This sites lets you search for what you want to draw and then gives you instructions on how to go about it. 

Drawspace – This website lets you download hundreds of ‘how to draw’ tutorials.

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