How To Choose What To Sew To Sell When First Starting Up

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This is a common place that many people find themselves at. You want to start a sewing business but just don’t know what to start with. What you need is a dose of inspiration ad an infusion of some great ideas. There are some effective ways to get there.

Harvesting Ideas From Around You

First of all, very importantly, do not let the myriad of crafts you see around you confuse. It can get frustrating to see so many sewing ideas and great products that already exist. You can easily end up feeling like you can never match up.

We advise this. Whenever you are looking at other products and ideas see them with eyes of someone who loves sewing. Do not at any point start comparing yourself order your sewing.

Let the things you discover be a source of wonderment, delight and learning. Once you do this you are ready to start harvesting information from everything around you with no danger of feeling discouraged or inadequate.

Find Your Skill And Interest Zone

The odds are that you going to be better at sewing certain things than others. Even more certainly you will enjoy making certain crafts more than others, even if you are skilled enough to make everything.

Start by making a list of things that you enjoy making. Start searching for material and content that inspires you. This could be other people’s work or the latest swatches of fabric from your favourite fabric store. Start building a collection of inspiring elements.

Seek Inspiration In All The Right Places

Inspiration really lies everywhere. You can find it in nature and your surroundings. Keep an open mind and see all the things around you. Visit your favourite fabric shop. Look up patterns in the sewing magazines.


If you can, start pinning up pictures, swatches, fabrics and batons in a place where you like to sew. While you are collecting your inspiration do not get yourself down with worrying about your own sewing product. That will come later. This is the time to simply enjoy the exposure to all things that inspire you.

Ready-made patterns are a great place to start sewing. Just make sure you have the right to use them commercially. This includes the free patterns that you find online.

There IS Such A Think As Too Much Inspiration. 

You need to be careful when you put your radar out there. You cannot possibly sew every single idea or product that you come across. For that reason alone limit and discipline your research. Instead of looking for ideas to sew let the ideas come to. Get inspired by your natural surroundings.

For example, if you are researching through Pinterest and Instagram etc make it a disciplined practice. Otherwise you could end up spending hours browsing without getting anything done.


If you feel that your mind is getting cluttered up with ideas, stop what you’re doing right away. Focus on what you are trying to accomplish. Filter out the unnecessary information. You can always come back to more ideas and concepts later. Try to tackle one thing at a time.

Creating Your Own Craft To Sew And Sell

Creating a craft to sew and sell doesn’t mean that you have to invent something completely new, although if you can, that will be good too, as long as you have done the explored it’s potential to sell. That is often done by seeking opinions and judging the reactions of people around you, namely close family and friends whose opinion you trust, to your innovative new craft. Seeking a feedback is also done even if what you are making is not altogether new. 

But as I was saying, uniqueness can be sought and had in various ways and doesn’t always require a complete new invention of an idea. There are many ways to make your craft unique. Read this post for some quick ideas on how to achieve this, easy ways to make your crafts niche. 

At the heart of choosing what to sew will be two things we have already spoken about that is being unique and picking up something that you love to sew. A lot of things are experimental at this stage. You can work with different designs, patterns and fabrics to get a better sense of what you want to make and who to make it four.

For example, making dresses and gowns might appeal to you as opposed to making children’s clothes or sewing for home improvement.

If you have already been sewing a certain range of products and have consistently received positive feedback from people around you, it might makes a lot of sense to add further refinement to those items so that you can sell them. A little finesse might be all you need to make your existing sewing seaworthy.

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