Not Sure If You Are Creative? Discover Your Crafting Talents

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Self doubt can plague anyone, at any juncture and during any enterprise. So starting your own creative business in no exception. You know that you would love to do run your own show. You know that you love art and craft. But at the same time, do you doubt if you are creative enough?

The creative mind

Sure you indulge in your crafting talent, but then do you look askance at your friends and family when they tell you, “You should sell this!”?

There are ways to get ahead of your fears and doubts regarding your own creativity. The first and most important of which is to actually start creating. Till you do not take this step, you will never know. So throw aside the reluctance and make that art or craft.

Be objective. Judge things as if you were viewing someone else’s work. Your friends and family are very valid sources of input and opinion. Take what they have to tell you seriously. They are your first reviewers. You have to know whose opinions you can trust though.

Being objective also includes the part where you address your fears as well. You go through a realisation process and try to see how justifiable your fears really are. If they have been keeping you from starting to do something you love, the odds are they are not justifiable.

The reason is that fears that stop you from something constructive are based on wrong/incomplete information or… fears. Yes, it can be a loop. Sometimes fears come from just fears that have no reason and logic. Which is why you need to get objective about them.

It helps if you can open up and speak about your dreams with some one you trust. Do not choose a person who is usually negative about you, herself/himself or things in general.

Letting the creative juices build their flow can take time if you have had them locked away for a long time. When you start, make it a light and no pressure situation. You do not have to make a stellar creation the first time around. Remember you are stimulating your creative core and nudging it into action.

Creativity stems from a lot of sources. You may also need inspiration. The best of artists in the world work on themes that are based on things that inspire them. Fortunately there is no shortage of places where you an look for inspiration. Books, museums, craft stores, blogs, while travelling, inspiration is everywhere.

Getting creative and trying out things is going to be a lot of fun as you start collecting your creative arsenal and start making stuff. There is no better way to gauge the creative potential of your mind.

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