Setting Up A Creative Workplace

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The place where you work with your crafts should be a source of inspiration, solace and creativity apart from serving all the practical functions as well.

No major overhaul required. Start with a simple space.

Don’t think for a minute that we are asking you to do a major setup here. There are a few prerequisites a crafting workshop should have, but you are in no way limited with your options.

Start in a spare room, a closet, in the garage, in a nice corner or even the kitchen if you are ‘cooking’ up your crafts. Take the effort to make a place all about you and what you are doing. Make it beautiful so its a joyful experience for you to be in it. Put in the things that inspire you so you are motivated to create and do more.

Make the workplace beautiful by filling it with beautiful and inspiring objects.

I cannot tell you of all the things that might be inspiring to your craft. But a few examples are photographs, magazine cuttings, fabrics and textiles swatches, and other beautiful craft related to what you are doing.

Create the kind of space you want to work in.

What kind of space do you like to work in? Do you like open spaces with natural light? Most people like a lot of natural like to work in. Do you like closed and cosy places to focus? Shape up your workplace that reflects you as a crafter.

Double up your work place as a home based store front.

Remember, your studio can also very effectively double up as your home based store front. People love to actually step into the artistic environment. From a business point of view creating this environment has deep persuasive impact on the psyche of the buyer to buy. They feel a part of your energy, creativity and your special craft.

Add music.

What else inspires you? Calms you? Makes you creative? Music is a great addition to creative work place. I know many creative people who can focus tremendously well with music of their liking playing in the background.

Make the workspace practical so making crafts is easy.

The craft workshop has to serve its practical purposes as well. To begin with make sure there are refreshments at hand.! You shouldn’t have to leave the room for a glass of water. What else are you going to need? What office supplies are required? Put in a computer and a phone line if needed. This may also be a legal requirement as you cannot use a home line for business. So if you are going to be putting a phone number on your business card and letterheads, you will have to get a new phone line. This also makes perfect sense. Phone calls that your business receives should only be answered by someone involved with the business and not other people in the house.

Arrange the space to utilise everything in the best possible manner.

Buy space organisers like shelves and storage boxes to keep all the supplies you are going to need ready at hand. Very important requirement of a workplace is a good sturdy table. Buy the kind of work table that suits your work. You decide the shape and size. Make a good investment in the right work table and an ergonomic chair for yourself. These are essential.

Lighting your workplace.

Get the kind of lighting you fancy working long hours in. Some crafters like to work under focus lighting such as work and table lamps. This also creates a soft and shaded work environment.

You may prefer a bright overall working place with over head lights. By mixing and matching bright and warm lighting you can create just the kind of atmosphere you want in your craft workshop. And you do not have to spend much on this. A few lighting fixtures will do the trick very nicely to begin with.

Set up your workplace attentively and you will appreciate it and so will your buyers, one way or the other, by the virtue of being there in person or through the reflection of your enchained genius and creativity in the crafts they buy!


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