How To Choose A Name For Your Sewing Business

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Never start selling your selling items without putting a few things in place first. One of them is: choose a name for your sewing business.

This step applies when selling any kind of product not just for an art & craft business. A business name is the identity of your craft. It is important for people to be able to associate your sewing items with the name. There are several reasons for this.

You want people to remember where certain item came from, especially if they liked it.

“A business name enhances the brand image of your craft which, in turn, gets a better price.”

People tend to trust the quality of an item more if it comes from a legit business. You cannot have a legit business presence without having a name for your enterprise.

All these reasons & more point towards a single forgone conclusion, you should establish a business name before you start selling. I know many crafters do not. But it really is the simplest thing you can do to promote your business, even if all you are depending on his word by mouth advertising.

Sewing business name

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your sewing business:

  • Choose a name that reflects you & your craft. This is not difficult. Come up with a list of words that describe you & your craft. You might find some words in there to use in your business name. Pick up the thesaurus & look for synonyms.
  • Keep it simple, short & memorable. Remember in your quest for a novel business name, not to get convoluted. A catchy name is great, but it’s your product that’s going to speak volumes for you.
  • Avoid the name trap. You may start a sewing business making purses. So you think that “Angelica’s Purses” is a great name. This might prove to be a trap for you if you decide to expand the inventory of your business in the future & sell more variety of crafts. Make sure your business name is “future proof.”
  • Get inspired by your own name. It’s the commonest thing for crafters to name the craft business after their own name. This is quite all right. However, you can do more. Look at your personality. Are there any traits that stand out? Color of your hair, your eyes? Is there anything that defines you as a person? What about a nickname? Many of us have a nickname given to us as children, but also tend to be fun & interesting.

Get this done & you are ready to start selling your first sewing items.

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