Get Noticed | Make Striking ‘Pins’ For Pinterest

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This is the challenge in front of you. How to create great pins and images that get popular and re-pinned several times by users. Hopefully, this short article will give you some great and easy ways to manage doing just that.

As we have mentioned, Pinterest is a completely image-based social media platform. There are two ways you can promote any online page on Pinterest.

  • Upload an image for from your computer and link it to the URL of your choice or 
  • Post the image on the page you want to promote and “pin” it directly from there.

Good pins are images that attract attention and get re-pinned by other Pinterest users several times.

“Two things make a good “pin”, good photographs and a good subject content.”

In fact some popular pins are not photographs at all. They are illustrations, graphics and even plain text on a coloured background. So you have a few options of creating pins for your business.

– Pick up a camera and started clicking. If you are going to post pictures of actual crafts take high quality photographs. We have already discussed this in the art and craft handbook. Read that section to learn what you need to do. You can enhance the picture in a photo editing software, some of which you can download online for free. Other photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom work very well.

– Buy images. If you are not clicking your own pictures, consider buying photographs from royalty free stock images websites like iStock and ShutterStock. Although if you are selling your crafts it would not make a lot of sense making a pin from some other photograph. The exception is when you need an image for your blog posts.

– Create images. The images for the pin can be illustrations, graphics or just plain text on a background. You can make these images on an image editing software. Text over a background or image can make attractive pins. Pins of this kind included two elements in the same frame that is a great picture and content as well.

How to Create a Pin without using editing softwares : You can use a simple trick to make text-based pins, without needing software like Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Simply use your text editor like Microsoft Word to write text in a nice font over any background effect and take a screenshot. Your work will get saved as an image that you can then pin on your board.

Remember that the pins have to have something in the way of interesting content that makes them appealing to people. It can be the imagery or the message. You can start simply and easily enough by making text-based images with background colours and textures.

But it will be great for your business if you can expand your selection to photographs, illustrations and graphics as well. So invest a little bit of time and money in taking great pictures or buying images from royalty free stock images websites. Keep working on great ideas for images for your pins.

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