How To Setup A Wood Shop In A Basement

A basement adds so much more space to a house, and serves multiple purposes like storage, utility space for heating, laundry etc. If you have one, it can house a complete woodworking workshop. Read this post to get the basic steps you will need to take to convert a basement into a workshop.

How To Setup A Woodshop In An Apartment

How great would it be if you could set up a woodworking workshop in an apartment? If you follow a few conditions and set up things right, it is possible to do woodworking even in an apartment. This post explores this possibility in more detail including what kind of a setup you are going to need and the projects you can make.

7 Things That Usually Go Wrong In A Wood Shop And How To Fix Them

Watch out for these common mistakes and glitches that occur while woodworking. They can cause repeated frustration but the good news is that they can easily be fixed or better still, by being attentive, they can be avoided altogether.

10 Must-Have Safety Habits For Every Woodworker

As a woodworker, it is your duty to yourself to mitigate the chances of accidents in your workshop. The human factor, as always, is one of the factors for these occurrences. By bringing about some changes in the way you work, and imbibing certain habits, you can make your wood-shop a safer place.

Hiring Help – Does Your Woodworking Business Need It?

In this post we talk about the best ways to hire additional help for your woodworking business, because at some point your business is going to require it. Are you a one-person business? Are you growing and expanding? Factors such as these will decide the kind of help you should hire to cause the least amount of complications for your business.

How Much Space Is Needed To Setup A Woodshop

Will you be surprised to learn that you do not always need a large space to start woodworking? It all depends on what projects you are making and how you are making them. There are ways to adjust your woodworking activity to suit the space you have on your hands. In this post we have a brief look at the correlation between space and your setup.

How To Setup A Woodworking Workshop At Home

It makes perfect sense to start a woodworking workshop at home, especially if you are just starting out. Many small businesses start from home and stay there if the space can accommodate the business growth. This post is about different kinds of setups available to you depending on the kind of space you will utilise.

Main Costs Of Setting Up A Wood Shop

Plan out the expense of setting up a woodworking workshop. Learn what are going to be your major costs and how to go about minimising them. Get all the essential requirements in place so that you have a fully functional workshop with the minimum expense possible.

6 Reasons to Start a Woodworking Business From Your Garage

While not the most preferable option for the space to locate a wood-shop in, a garage working space is handy and convenient. Even though it may not seem like a great idea to start with, there are some very viable reasons to choose your garage as a place to start your woodworking business. Read this post to see if the concept of a garage wood-shop resonates with you.

5 Places To Get The Best Wood For Your Wood Shop

Wood is going to be number one on your supplies list and perhaps the most expensive one after your tools. Since it is a recurring expense, it is best to figure out a reliable supply source that you can count on. It is also great to get hands on a wide variety at good rates because that will add variety to your wood projects which is a very good things for a woodworking business.