The Most Important Quality Of A Craftperson

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Some of you will answer that its talent. Yes, of course you need talent to be successful as crafts person. But only that is not going to ensure business success. So what else? Business acumen? Yes, that is needed as well. Without learning and knowing the business side of things you cannot hope to convert your passion into an income.

Important quality of crafter

However, one of the most important qualities that a craftsperson should have is CONFIDENCE! Without confidence in what you do and in your ability, you are not even going to take the first step towards building a source of online income.

Talent can be learned through hard work. Business acumen can be acquired or people can be hired to take of it for you. But the confidence to make the journey towards financial and personal freedom, with your crafting skill is all your own.

Your confidence carries forward in all aspects of your craft and business. It affects your craft directly. It has a direct impact on your creativity. The more confident you are about what you are doing the more you are likely to experiment fearlessly and not be afraid to put that personal stamp on the things you make. Standing out among the crowd, creating a craft that people can identify with you are essential to a roaring craft business success.

Your confidence also reflects in the perceived value of your craft. If you are not sure about it, no one else is going to be either. The crafts that sell the best are the ones where the buyer can somehow see the reflection of the artist in it. That’s where art and crafts get its real value.

So how do go about getting the confidence in what you do?

You go ahead and start creating. Start making the crafts you love till you find the confidence of exposing it to the marketplace and to the gaze of potential buyers. Develop a strong statement you would like to make about why you do what you do.

If you are starting out, start with some thing small. Learn more through books, courses and through mentors till you get good at it. Do not let initial results deter you if they are not up to the mark. Keep practising, trying and experimenting.

Learning is an important step at this point. In fact it is always going to be important. Learn better ways to create. Learn new crafting techniques.

The agenda here is self discovery as much as anything else. Trying your hand at new things will help you discover the best in your as a crafter. Find out what your comfort zones are. What are you the most skilled at and what feels just right.

With time and realisation you will find a craft that you are confident and in which you feel ready to infuse your personality and belief as a crafter.

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