9 Reasons You Should Start An Art And Craft Business

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There are so many strong reasons in favour of starting an art and craft business. The Forbes printed an article sometime back on how the popularity and demand for all things crafts has surged tremendously. Handmade handicrafts are more popular than ever before. So let’s list a few good points to convince you about this good thing.

If You Are a Crafter

If you are a craftsperson, you have a skill that is highly in demand. It doesn’t even matter what it is. Every handicraft talent is a very viable business option, for example, sewing, knitting, painting, metalwork, embroidery, crochet, woodworking, carving, sculpting, handmade cosmetics, candle making, and you name it. The list is endless and so are the possibilities of what you can do can do.

The Demand

For whatever reason, the word populace seems to be doing a complete turnaround on its uptake of the value of handmade crafts. They just can’t seem to get enough. If your grandmother was still making those quilts, she would be charging $1000 and upwards for it.

Fact: the crafting industry did not show any signs of slowing down even during the dreaded recession in the world economy. The online sales of websites like Etsy only continued to grow. You will not have to try hard to say what you make. Things are very different than what they used to be just a few years back.

The Price

Meet supply. Meet demand. And we are very happy to introduce you to “price”. Handicrafts do not have to sell for a meagre amount any more. If you get a few things, you do as we tell you on this blog, you can charge a premium price for your crafts. What this means for you is, less work and more profit.

The Technology

If you wanted to start a blog a few years back, have the ability to sell on it, accept online payments and have an automated shipping tracking system integrated into your website, you could not do it. Not unless you had a few thousand dollars to spend. Today many of these things can be had for free! Online business to business services have grown to provide any small entrepreneur the tools he needs to sell online.

Want to create a blog? No problem, there’s WordPress. Want an e-commerce facility to sell? Sure, there’s a free plug-in that allows you to do just that. Need to accept online payments? Nothing is simpler than integrating PayPal on your blog.

And to top it all you don’t even need to have your own website. You can sell your crafts on highly popular and effective e-commerce platforms like eBay and Etsy. The entire product listing and the order process is taken care of for you.

The Ease of Things

It takes all of 15 minutes to get a shop set up on Etsy to begin selling your craft. (Note: do not do this though, here is why). Amazing online tools like Pinterest and Facebook and online search advertising has made it easy to reach the people who would want to buy from you. The entire world market is literally at your fingertips through the Internet. Selling your crafts online is easier and more lucrative than ever before.

The Advancements

As an artist you are bound to appreciate the advancement that has taken place in terms of the tools, materials, fabrics and techniques. It is possible to do so much more. You can have a portable laser cutting machine for your sewing business, or 3-D printer to create amazing things. All these things are more accessible and affordable today. Your work as a crafter has been made easier and much more fun.

Start As You Wish

Well, it’s easy to start at home. At any scale, part-time or full-time. In most situations you just have to continue to do what you have been doing and simply change your outlook where you begin to believe that you can actually sell the craft you create.

I understand that as someone who is considering starting a small business for the first time the thought of it can be fraught with doubts and many questions. Many of these doubts have to do with being ill informed. So go ahead and read this post that deals with some of the main fears that people have about starting a small business of their own.

The Best Way to Make Money

You can turn just about any craft into a source of income. Starting a small business doing just that is exactly the best way you can make money from your skills. A lot of people look for craft jobs where they can work as skilled labour for other businesses.

However, if you want your hard work to pay off in the long run, and really profit from your crafting talent, start something of your own. Yes, you have to make an effort to set things up in the beginning, it can take work and time to start generating a profit. But when it does, it’s all yours. And we can show you the easiest way to start from the scratch and make your first sale is in just two weeks from now. Get craft income secrets or read this free guide online on this blog.

Start a small business from home with your art and craft talent, whatever it might be. Follow the advice on this blog and do it right. You will have really the reason to regret it.

You Have The Power

This doesn’t have so much to do with you starting a business as much as with following your passion for art and crafts. As an artist and crafts person you have it in your power to do so many wonderful things.

  1. Create beautiful crafts for yourself and for your home. 
  2. Make amazing things to give to people who are close to you. They will always cherish your exquisite handmade and lovingly made present. 
  3. Inspire and teach others the age old tradition of handicrafts. 
  4. Tap into solace and satisfaction through the creation of a beautiful art and craft. 
  5. Start a wonderful home based business that heralds financial stability and freedom for you and your family.

This is all we have to see at the moment about why now is a great time to be starting something for yourself. For more information go to the craft business guide on our blog. As always thank you for reading and do post your comments and observations below.


  1. I have done many things as selling my items at craft fairs. Repairing blankets that have been in a customers attic and time has destroyed parts of and i have repaired. Also have finished an item that someone got bored with finishing the project but still wanted it finished. I have alot of original projects I have made. i am 58 years old and have made my daughters clothes growing up for for her. i have done a few projects for customers on craigs list. One was making short sleeve teeshirts into long sleeves form size small to xtra large. I am always making something mostly crocheting and for gifts. I love creating. maybe you can help. i don’t work and am home fulltime as I am disabled. I have bad bones. but doesn’t effect my sewing or crocheting. Well,hope to here from you, would love to make some money doing projects at home.Thank you, Debbie

  2. I like to assembly wooden products this is my trade doing this type of work at home in my spare time for you send me the matterial i need to get started i will assemble it,and send the finsh product back to you .thanks you

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