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7 Safety Standards You Should Follow In A Woodshop

Safety protocols for being safe and avoiding injury in a woodshop. I cannot over emphasise the importance of being safe in a woodshop. Woodworking power tools have an enormous potential for inflicting life changing injuries. The incidents that occur in a woodshop are almost never the fault of the machine. They are mostly the result […]

the best ways to use woodworking tools

How To Get Best Results From Woodworking Tools

To get maximum benefit of the woodworking tools you need to know the proper way to use them. If you learn different techniques, you can use the same woodworking tool in many different ways, and therefore manage to do more things with it. “Just when you might think you need a new power tool, you […]


11 Must Have Hand Tools For A Woodworking Business

You cannot do without hand tools in a woodshop of course. They are a must have and you are going to need them every step of the way. Just like when buying power tools buy the highest quality of hand tools that you can afford. The woodworking tool undergo a lot of rigour and wear […]


9 Must Have Power Tools For A Woodworking Business

In the beginning you will not want to invest a lot of money in buying new power tools. It is recommended that when you first start a woodworking business, try to use what you have without a major investment in new purchases of any kind. Take stock of what you already have and weigh that […]


Do You Need Commercial Grade Power Tools For A Woodworking Business?

You will receive a variety of advice in woodworking books and articles. One of the points the books will debate is whether or not you require commercial grade tools to start your business. Commercial grade woodworking tools are costly in comparison to consume grade ones. Does your woodworking business justify the cost of large and […]

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