Do You Need Hand Tools In A Modern Woodshop – What The Woodworkers Say

Woodworkers speak on the subject of hand tools and their place today in the workshops. Here is an article looking at the role that some important hand tools still play and how you can include a few essential ones to strike a balance in your woodworking, enhance creativity, getter better results and improve the overall workflow, all by using some woodworking hand tools.

3 Best Hand Planes You Should Buy First And How To Use Them

If you didn’t know it, hand planes are an absolute must for woodworking. They are an absolute boon to have regardless of what power tools you use. Hand planes make common jobs easier in a workshop, and save you time and effort. As long as you take the time and practise to learn to them, these are the 3 must have hand planes you need to buy first for your woodworking workshop.

20 Best Selling Wood Crafts You Can Make With Hand Tools (With Plans)

These hand tool projects are great for starting out or building novel woodcrafts with minimal tools. Here are about 20 popular wood projects that along with their simplicity, also have the reputation of being great sellers.

How To Sharpen Hand Tools On A Stone

Hand tools are awesome building, finishing and fine tuning tools that no modern wood shop should do without. One sure shot of way of being disappointed and frustrated with hand tools is to use blunt ones. The good news is that it is very simple to keep your chisels sharp using a sharpening stone. Read this article to learn more about different tool sharpening techniques using a stone.

How To Use Hand Chisels To Clean And Cut Joints

It is said that any wood project can be built out of just three hand tools – A hand plane, chisel and a hammer. It will take time, but it can be built. Just like hand planes, a quality set of chisels is needed in a wood shop because sometimes it is easier to use than a power tool. The trick is to know how to use one properly. Here is a post on how to use a hand chidden to cut and clean.

How To Use Hand Planes To Smoothen Wood By Hand

If you do not know how indispensable and useful hand planes are in a wood shop, you need to read this post. Hand planes are hand tools that have a great utility to smoothen the wood surface when a power tool cannot do the job. Many times hand planes are more convenient and faster to use, and almost always deliver a better finish.

7 Kinds Of Hand Saws And When To Use Each One

Hand saws are amazing and indispensable hand tools for woodworking. You can take your time to make those precision cuts. Cutting with a hand saw is easy if you have the right one and know how to use it. Thought all hand saws were made the same? Here are seven different kind of hand saws for you, all of which behave and cut differently.

11 Must Have Hand Tools For A Woodworking Business

Hand tools are an absolute requirement for a wood-shop. If you have not learnt to use some till now these are the must have hand tools that you need to get in your workshop. They will make your job easier on many occasions. The odds are that you already use some of them because woodworking is not possible without them.