11 Must Have Sewing Accessories And Sewing Machine Tools

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Sewing accessories are your primary tools for getting the desired result from your sewing project. Simple as they may be, having the right one around can make a huge difference to how quickly and how well you can get the job done. Many of them will also be your rescue you in a challenging situation that can so easily arise during sewing projects.

These are some of the essential accessories that every seamstress must have in their sew shop.

What kind of threads you need in your sewing shop?

Always use good quality threads. It is essential for strong and clean stitches. You don’t really need to have many colours on hand. A smoke grey or black colour spool works well with all the dark shades. Similarly white or cream thread works with the lighter shades of fabric.

A great trick to have up your sleeve is using transparent or invisible thread.

This thread is virtually invisible in the stitches. But you will not enjoy working with it all the time for the same reasons. Since you cannot see it well, it is difficult to work with as well. However, in many situations the transparent thread is wondrous to use.

Also use polyester threads as opposed to nylon threads. Polyester thread does not harden or become brittle over time, nor is there a chance of it melting during ironing.

The cutting tools you need in your sewing shop

You need a few scissors to begin with, a big scissor that is only used for cutting fabric and smaller ones for trimming and finishing. Buy the best scissors that you can afford. There will be a difference in the way the higher quality scissors cut. High quality scissors are a long time investment so invest well. With periodic sharpening you can have the same scissors last you several years.

Another great fabric cutting tool is the rotary cutter. In fact, when you learn to use the rotary cutter it’s very likely that you will only use that particular tool for cutting up your fabric.

Other important cutting tools you should invest in are:

Picking shears, Seam ripper and a self healing cutting mat.

Get the biggest cutting mat you can afford. 24 into 36 inches is a great size to buy.

You will also need the following tools in your shop:

Chopsticks for pushing out corners and seams without making holes, measuring tape and fabric marking tools like chalk, pencils and pens. Go for the air or water-soluble marking pens for more discreet marking.

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  1. Thank you for the great information. I have been thinking of starting a home base sewing business and this information is helpful.

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