How to Discover Your Creativity When New Ideas Are Elusive

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One of the doubts that plagues a craftsperson mind is the belief that you cannot create something new & attractive enough to sell.

In other words you doubt if you are creative enough, struggle to come up with new ideas or just find yourself stuck in a creative rut. Well there’s some great news for you: You can defeat all of the aforesaid difficulties whenever you face them.

Idea creativity

Here are some tips:

  1. Forget about the business for the time being. Become the eager seeker one more time. Get online & start scavenging sites like Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram & crafting blogs. Don’t compare or feel the pressure. Just enjoy discovering new & interesting stuff. 
  2. Surround yourself with things that inspire you: colors, fabrics, photographs, pin-ups, books, etc. Visit places that inspire you. Go to the favorite fabric store or visit the museum. Open your mind to more sources of inspiration. 
  3. Start making stuff. Forget about selling for the moment. Think about all the new things your have discovered. Start playing around with these ideas till you hit the right ones. 
  4. Remember, creativity is often an improvement/customisation of an existing idea rather than a completely new innovation. 

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