6 Great Ways To Save A LOT Of Money When Buying Fabric

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These are simple & effective ways you can save money next time you need to buy fabric or any sewing accessories for your business.

  • Shop on Offers, Sales & Armed With Vouchers

Time purchase to coincide with sales & offers. It helps to know what you’re selling business needs on a regular basis so you can make future purchases as well. It’s not easy to know all the time what you will need in the future, especially when you are new in business. Keep collecting discount vouchers and go ready with them whenever you shop.

Save buying fabric

  • Shop Online & Join Newsletters

Some of the best deals you will find will be in online stores. Join the newsletters or sewing related B2B sites so that you get notified when new offers come about. Explorer Etsy not just for selling, but also for buying. Etsy has some amazing craft supplies being sold by fellow artisans, the kind of stuff you will never find in your local store.

  • Open Wholesale Accounts

Initially you will be unsure about buying wholesale because you are not in a good position to predict future sales. But as soon as you have a selling history under your belt, start to buy your supplies in wholesale. You will be surprised at how small the minimum order requirement is with most of the vendors. Most of them are happy to open a wholesale account for you & give you wholesale rates for a few meters of fabric or a few dozen buttons. Do not be shy about inquiring about wholesale prices because you think your order is too small.

  • Plan Your Projects

Design your items beforehand. Figure out the amount of different kinds of fabric you are going to use. Do the math. Calculate the yardage you need. This way you will avoid buying extra material.

  • Buy Small Quantities to Experiment

When still in a deciding mode, by very small quantities of fabric you like. Over the next few days, decide which ones you like for particular project & how much of that item you are going to make. Go & buy more of the fabric & accessories you need.

  • Make Your Patterns More Frugal

You will be surprised at the amount of fabric you can save by removing an extra pocket or reducing the length by an inch. Try to find ways to optimize your sewing patterns in a way that does not affect the aesthetics & utility of the craft, but reduces the amount of fabric and uses.

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