Are You a Fabric Addict?

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You know what I mean! It’s just impossible to not find fabric irresistible. That’s a huge part of why you sew!

Not sure if you are a fabric junkie? Here are some classic symptoms:

  1. You buy more fabric then you know what to do with.
  2. You buy impulsively without letting your “practical” side interfere.
  3. You have shelves full of fabric you “loved” but never used.
  4. Every sale & offer is a siren call to “BUY.”
  5. You go to the fabric store more than you should or need to.

Not all of the points above are bad. For example, it’s great to go to a fabric store just to seek inspiration. It’s also all right sometimes to buy fabric you love without knowing “exactly” what you will use it for, as long as you know it is getting utilized for one project or another. When you are tempted to do this, by the fabric in a small quantity. Keep it in your shop in plain view & when the actual need for it comes around, buy the required amount.

how to shop for fabric responsibily

Here are some more tips to beat the addict and you & become a more responsible fabric shopper. Now that you are running a sewing business, cutting unnecessary expenses becomes necessary.

  1. Let’s say you like a particular theme, print or a pattern. First of all, buy only a small quantity & keep it in your shop for a few days till you are sure you like it.

    Once you do, reflect or test it to see if it works with the project you have in mind. Will customers like it? Commit yourself to making a certain number of items with the chosen fabric. Purchase more if orders for more items come in.

  2. When buying fabric on sale & offers work things around differently. Instead of buying fabric because it is on sale, first decide what you need. And then look around for an offer on it.

    To take advantage of the sudden sale when it comes around, make a list of fabric & accessories you need in the future. Remember, that the quality of the fabric is secondary to the selling price. There will always be things you need on an ongoing basis for your sewing business. You can wait to buy till sales comes around. We will talk more about how to save money on buying fabric later.

  3. Every time you’re tempted to buy new fabric, think about the fabric you already have & whether that will not serve the purpose.

When you start sewing for a business you will automatically learn the value of conserving expenses. With the concept of customer satisfaction AND profit making in place your fabric buying habits will automatically change. They will become more disciplined in keeping with the needs of your sewing business.

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