How To Be Inspired By Art At Work And Get Better Results

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Learn the traits of an artist that will make you more successful at whatever you do.

Many a times you will come across the phrase “He is an artist!”, addressed to a person who is not involved with the fine arts in any way.He is not a painter, musician or a stage actor. It could be addressed to a car mechanic, a cook, an artisan like a seamstress or ceramist, an architect etc. It just means that ” he is amazing at what he does!”.

What does it imply when you tell someone that they are an artist in what they do… It usually means that they are really good at what they do, the results of their work are beautiful and their skills are nothing short of that of an ‘artist’!

Aren’t these the same principles that we need to implement in everything we do? Isn’t this the same strategy for success in our work?


Being an artist is also about being creative and original. Bringing creativity in any kind of work is bound to bring beneficial results. It makes the work more interesting too.

So it you are in any field of creation be it art, craft, designing, manufacturing etc., strive to bring out the artist in you.

There is another reason for saying this as well. A work of art has more value be it a craft or a food dish. We know how important food presentation is in fine dining places.

Inspired You

An artisan will be able to get the full value for his work if he imbibes the characteristic of art in his creation. An artisan is considered an artist if his creations go beyond the mere process of creation to include his style and creativity. Usually there is a statement or message behind every work of art, and the creation is inspired.

If an artisan creates on the same principles then he is well on his way to being considered an artist, as many artisans are. There are several examples of woodworkers, ceramists who are considered artists in what they create.

The same principles can also extend to other fields of work that call for innovation and creativity, be it photography, architecture, music, designing of any product, and even cooking.


Art is a very visual thing. It is something that titillates mind as well as viewing perception. Good art is also about being very skilled at the process. So anyone who is really good with doing a job can be complemented with being an “artist”. This is where skilled people come in. Whenever a person knows about how to perform a great job with in-depth knowledge of the subject, he is displaying artist like traits.

I know a car mechanic who can listen to the sound of the engine and tell you if there is some issue with the car. He needs to drive the car for 10 minutes to point out all the components that need work. Now he is an artist at what he does, just because he just so good at it.

There are architects and then there are architects that create designs that stun with their aesthetics and awe with their functionality. They are artists at what they do.

The conclusion to draw from these examples is that if you can be ‘artist’ like good at what you do, you are on the path to success and repute.

More rewarding

You might have heard that artists make more money than artisans. The reason is the deemed process that goes into the creation of art. It is supposed to stem from something personal and unique. It’s not just a product.

In a conventional sense, a work of art is something tHat hangs from the gallery walls then in the room of the buyer. It serves no functional purpose except the aesthetic, unless you admit the effect of a beautiful art form on the mental health of the person who experiences it everyday as the owner.

Even without a deemed functional purpose, the value comes from the expression and creativity behind the artwork. It is acknowledged that the artist has made something unique that could not have come from another and will not come again from the artist again.

Original and Unique

In other words you are paying for something that is one of a kind. Uniqueness is something that almost always demands a high price. Think of limited edition anything, from cars to whiskeys and you will see that they cost many times more than the usual models.

– To be an artist when you are an artisan, use the same practise of being unique, creative and distinctive. You will have the advantage of making something functional and artistic at the same time. – Aesthetics are an important part of any craft. – Introduce design elements. – Add personal styling. And you are on your way to turning your craft into a work of art.

Brand Image

The truth about art is that it’s not just skill and hard work sells. It’s a lot about the hype and marketing. Some galleries have the power to make a name for an artist overnight just by agreeing to host a show of their work. These galleries have spent a lot of time and money in developing that reputation as well as the right networking connections. It is rightly said that the art world is rigged and some people and organisations are in a position to call the shots as to what and whose art they want to get famous.

What you are to take away from this for your work is to replace the hype with brand building and develop strong promotional strategies. Branding is the secret sauce that gives you more returns with the same or less work.

Branding is also one of the major reasons why artists make more money than their artisan counterparts. A piece of art automatically gets the brand of the artist because the work is supposed to be a personal statement and expression. What’s selling is not the mere physical art but the part of the artist himself/herself that he/she has added to his/her work.

The same is true for virtually any field of work where someone is known for their expertise. They do not charge for just the work done which possibly could be done by another as well. Even though every job brought to them doesn’t require them to exert their valuable skills, the price is for bringing their special themselves to the job at hand.

To conclude, be an artist at what you do. Which means…

– Be skilful. Do the best job you can. – Be known for what you can do. Build your own personal brand. – Be creative. Be authentic. – Make it personal. Do what you are passionate about.

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