When You Cant Do Great Things Do Small Things In A Great Way

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This can literally be the mantra for every small business or enterprise. One of the best ways to compete with the mass manufactures and business giants is to offer something they cannot. Many times this can be a personal touch like great customer care, return policy or just standing behind your commitment to your small customer base.

What this statement implies also is doing something better than it is already being done. Sometimes that makes all the difference. The two of the largest and well-known companies in the world are testament to this. Google was not the first search engine to be created. There were many before it. But the creators of google created a better algorithm that offered more relevant search results as well as a more streamlined search experience.

Amazon was not the first book selling company (For people who are not old enough remember the beginning years of Amazon, they started by selling books). But it was one of the first ones to offer a comprehensive online selection and faster shipping than anyone else. It was operated from a garage to begin with borrowings from friends and family.

Friends and family were also the ones helping to process and ship the orders. As their size grew, their USP was warehousing, stocking and shipping. These still remain the strongest points for the success of Amazon and the trust value they have garnered for themselves.

So beginning to do just the small things in a exemplary way implies that you will have a great opportunity to move on to bigger things in the future.

We often speak of the importance of developing a brand image for a small business. The large businesses do it and it’s just as important for the small ones if they are to compete with the big fishes out there. You have got to focus on what you have to offer as an individual or a small business. And that usually is quality, be it the quality of the product itself or the service or user experience. Building a brand around a great product or service works really well.

For example, you have a small wood shop and you make picture frames and small furniture. Other examples are, candle making, knitting, etc. Figure out how to shine in each of these examples. Think of anything that you do, and how you can excel at it. If you make picture frames, offer them in rare and precious wood. All the mass manufactured ones are made from polymers and look artificial. Offer your own designs as the commercial ones do not offer much variety.

The only thing that a small business has to offer a buyer is authenticity, novelty and quality.

This applies to people doing all kinds of jobs as well. No matter what your job, your work matters because someone has to do it. And I can tell you for sure that people really appreciate someone taking their work seriously and making an effort to do it well, especially in places where it’s least expected. It’s one of the best ways to grow and get ahead in your workplace. Whether you are a doctor or you serve drinks, every time you do a great job, you touch people’s lives.

At the back end of the message to do small things in a great way, is the idea that you ought to take pride in what you do and do the best job you can. It makes you feel good, it makes others feel good and if you are a small business or a professional, it paves the path to success.

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