How To Setup, Tune And Maintain A Perfect Table Saw For Years

A table saw is one of the first major power tool a commercial woodworker buys. The advice most commonly given is to buy the best you can afford. Even so your new table saw might need a few checks to make sure there are no defects and a few tuneups to set it up for accurate cuts. Here are a few important checks as well as maintenance tips for your high utility power tool that will keep it delivering accurate cuts for a long time.

How To Create ‘Niche’ Best Selling Wood Projects

Discovering niche crafts to make is a great way to create a brand image and generate more sales. In this post we speak about how to how to make niche wood crafts that help you cut through the competition and generate more profit. There are simple enough ideas you can use to create some novel crafts of your own that help you stand out.

How To Sell Your Wood Craft Projects – A Definitive Guide

Selling is the key for any business. This is a comprehensive post on the subject of selling your woodworking projects. It touches on all aspects of promoting your woodcrafts online and offline. You will read about the various places you can sell as well as the marketing strategies you can use to reach more customers.

Pre-finishing Wood Projects – Why You Should Try It

Pre Finishing your wood projects is one of the most time and energy saving tip you will come across. In this post we discuss why you should pre-finish your wood projects and the best technique to use for a flawless result.

How To Dust Free A Workshop With Dust Collection And Air Filtration

In this post I will discuss how to keep your workshop free of wood dust and harmful chemical fumes. It is important for your health that you breath clean air in your workshop. Collecting dust also poses other hazards like making the floor slippery and jamming in your power tools, degrading them before time. Dust also, ultimately, will make the job of applying finishes more difficult.

11 Must Have Supplies For A Perfect Wood Finish

Finishing is often the source of major trepidation for a woodworker. It is the last stage of a wood project and has the power to make all the hard go to waste if it goes wrong. The finish can also make your wood project shine, no puns intended. This is a post on the must supplies and tools you need in your workshop to put on an impeccable finish on your wood projects, every single time.

How To Make A Birdhouse That Birds Will Love To Nest In

Birdhouses projects are more scientific than you might think. It takes right design, shape, size and even the height of mount to attract the birds. Different birds are attracted to different birdhouses. This is your guide to make a birdhouse that our little flurry friends will love.

How To Become A Professional Woodworker From A Hobbyist

In this post we talk about how to make the transition from being a woodworking hobbyist to a pro. Judge if you are ready for the woodworking profession. Discover places and means of learning woodworking, starting with your first projects and finding woodworking work around you.

9 Strongest Woodworking Joints (With Image Instructions)

If you can cut and join, you can build anything with woodworking. Here are some of the best woodworking joints that you can use to build any piece of furniture. Complete with images you will understand which kind of joint is suitable for the kind of project you are building.

Make 12 Best Selling Wood Toys In Your Workshop

Children’s toys is a very profitable niche for a woodworking business. These wood crafts are in high demand and sell really well. If you can make wooden toys in compliance with the CPSC, you have many options to choose from. Here are some of the best selling wood toys that are historically best sellers.