Pre-finishing Wood Projects – Why You Should Try It

Pre Finishing your wood projects is one of the most time and energy saving tip you will come across. In this post we discuss why you should pre-finish your wood projects and the best technique to use for a flawless result.

How To Make A Birdhouse That Birds Will Love To Nest In

Birdhouses projects are more scientific than you might think. It takes right design, shape, size and even the height of mount to attract the birds. Different birds are attracted to different birdhouses. This is your guide to make a birdhouse that our little flurry friends will love.

20 Best Selling Wood Crafts You Can Make With Hand Tools (With Plans)

These hand tool projects are great for starting out or building novel woodcrafts with minimal tools. Here are about 20 popular wood projects that along with their simplicity, also have the reputation of being great sellers.

6 Reasons Toy Projects Are Great For A Woodworking Business

Stuff for children usually sells well if you discover or target the right niche. Wood projects are no exception to this rule. If you need further convincing, here are half a dozen reasons why making children toys will prove to be an immensely practical and beneficial choice for your woodworking business.

Heirloom Or Simple Furniture – What Is More Profitable To Make

You can go in many directions with a woodworking business in regards to the projects you make and sell. The choice often depends on your skill combined with your liking for a particular kind of work. One of the decision a woodworker has to make is whether to make more expensive and time consuming wood projects or go with the simpler one. Read this post to discover what is right for you.