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Start a craft blog and earn from it

start a craft blog

As a crafter you have many ways to earn from your passion. Crafting may be a hobby or an existing vocation but the potential to make an income from it are still several.

One of the ways that you can make money from home with crafting is to start your very own crafting blog.

One of the greatest advantages of starting a craft blog and using to to make earn from home is that you are not required to sell your crafts directly through stores and craft stores.

Although a still greater advantage is that if you have something to sell, you can do it from your blog as well. However, in this post we will talk about other ways of making money from a craft blog. We will talk about selling crafts online in the next post.

A craft blog can be started by anyone who has an active interest in crafting. You do not have to be an expert and you do not need to be a professional. Neither are you required to have something to sell.

Starting a craft blog is about sharing what you know by writing about it. What is your crafting interest? It can be anything from quilting to sewing to woodworking, toy making, knitting, baking and more.

If you enjoy making crafts on a regular basis and enjoy sharing information with people, then earning from a craft blog may be the perfect option for you to make an extra income from home.

Simple things like talking about what you are working on, your experiences, knowledge, pictures of what you make and even the mistakes that you have made are all part of a interesting crafting blog that attracts readers. You can even talk about the tools that you use, new ones that you discover etc.

Now if after reading all this you are thinking that this is something that you can definitely do, but do not have the first clue as to how to go about setting up a money making blog, we would like to tell you that “you don’t have to”.

This is where the guide to earning from a crafting blog comes in.

This resource is listed in our store and can be found directly here.

You will be happy to read that this guide famously and accurately declares that you can start your own craft blog ” even if you have never heard the word ‘blog’ before”. Sounds great doesn’t it? It means that it is not at all difficult to start your craft blog.

And the ways to make money from it without selling anything of your own are exemplified clearly.

You can concentrate on writing and posting about what you love to do and make money from it automatically.

You can start immediately. Get the guide to earn from a crafting blog today.

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