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Email response

We have received some emails recently from people who have sent letters and even signup fee to some of the assembly companies. Some of them have not received a response from the assembly companies even though they have worked for them in the past some years back. This post is a response to these emails. We thought we would post in here on the blog with a link on our Facebook page so that everyone could read and benefit from the information shared here.

It is true that many of these craft assembly companies existed in the 90s as well and still claim to be in business. However, a lot has changed since then. We keep repeating throughout the blog and in the ebooks that you download by joining the newsletter that please do not rely on sending letters alone.

You MUST try and get to speak with someone on the phone.

There are many craft companies listed that have phone numbers. Some even have toll free numbers. You cannot even think about sending these companies money before you can get some one to speak with you and answer all your questions. You have to get a valid address and not just a PO box number. How else will you know where your money is headed?

And yet many people continue to rely on letters alone that are sent to PO Box addresses. Please DO not do this.

We understand that we all are trying to find legit opportunities to work from home. And a good crafting job can sound like a heaven sent. But you have to ensure that you employ safe work practises. We have written a post on what these are. You must do your best to ensure that the people you are sending money to are real and are in business.

If you cannot get hold of someone to talk to just move on no matter how good the whole thing sounds on paper. It is probably not real.

Someone who is interested hiring people and paying to make crafts for them has to interested enough to take their calls and emails. If not, then they are clearly not in the business of crafting and certainly not in a position to pay anyone to work for them.

If a business seems to employ practises that are designed to avoid direct contact, that is a red flag. Avoid such businesses.

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